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This is a Banishment of negativity spell, but a 7 day candle spell can be used for other workings, like prosperity, health, love etc. (on different days of the week) This should be undertaken on Saturday (Saturn), and if you want to be more precise, the use Saturn's hour. You can either choose 12-1 (from midnight) 7-8 am or (from noon) 2-3 PM and 8-9 PM. It doesn't matter what time you finish, just start at the proper time. Do this spell during the waning Moon towards the last quarter. Banishment spells are done during the Waning Moon because you want to stifle the negativity. You will need: 1. Two regular white stick alter candles 2. A glass enclosed candle that will burn for approx. one week. If your local occult store carries the reverse candle with black wax on top and white or red at the bottom, this would be great, otherwise a black, brown, blue or purple is good since these are some of Saturn's colors. 3. Banishment or Uncrossing oil - or you can make it by taking the herb of rosemary, black coshosh, basil, eucalyptus, Vervain and sage (some or all) and putting them in some vegetable or olive oil and cooking them lightly for 5-10 minutes (don't burn), strain into a bottle or jar. 4. Salt and water for sprinkling (consecration) 5. Incense, a good quality 6. Some parchment paper, but nice stationary will do (approx. 3x3 piece) Before you start your ritual you may want to air out your space with sage. Make sure you air out the room with open windows and doors so negative spirits can depart. This is optional, but a good idea. Be bathed and wear some uncrossing oil. Wear your ritual clothes or clean garments. Your altar and ritual area should be tidy but have your personal touch on it, with the things that represent you. Begin by lighting your incense and sprinkle water and salt in the 4 directions, move deosil, or clockwise (dispel). Offer a short prayer in your own words to the elements earth air fire and water to come to your space to purify it. You can include your favorite wights or protectors. Make this as personal as possible. What matters is what 'you' identify with, not trying to identify with some entity you've never heard of. Just be sincere, and visualize your space being protected. If you want to draw an imaginary circle moving clockwise, that's fine too, as long as you indicate the purification of your working space. After the consecration, light the two white alter candles (protectors) and offer an invocation/prayer to your main deity and in your own words ask him/her for protection and the banishment of all negative entities that are troubling you, ask him/her to send them back to their origin. They have no place in your life. Ask for all harm to be turned away from you, leaving behind only prosperity, happiness, courage, acceptance of transitions without doubt and fear, and control over your life. State that your external forces have no power over you. Again, just be sincere, and whether you do this in a poem form or just simply state it doesn't matter, just say it with conviction. After your invocation, take some banishment oil and "charge" the top of your glass encased candle with your finger tips, moving deosil, and offer a few words to remove and expel all the negativity around you. Now light the candle. The parchment paper is your seal. It serves as an amulet, talisman and charm, it will do the work for you. There are many kinds of seals, but it can simply be something you create. Write your intent or wish on the paper, in this case the banishment of ill-forces and your protection. Then put a few dabs of banishment oil on it and put it under your candle and leave it there until it burns out. When you've finished with your seal, thank your deity and helpful spirits and ask them to depart and do your bidding. Close the ritual by extinguishing your two main alter candles (never blow on the fire element). Your 7 day candle will stay lit until it burns out, so you may want to have it in an extra glass or metal bowl for safety's sake, and out of reach for anyone to touch (including Freyja). This is the end of you ritual. Now evening until the candle burns out, pick a certain time and stick to it, to sit down with your candle anywhere from 15 -30 minutes and seriously and intently focus or meditate on your wish or expectation. It's always good to start with a prayer or chant, this depends on you particular spiritual practice and whatever suits you. Never miss a single day. If more than one of you is doing this ritual, you must all sit together each evening for the candle visualization and stick to it. When the candle finally burns out (7 days, sooner or later), take the seal and burn it, and sprinkle the ashes outside your front door and forget about it. You have banished all the ill forces around you, go confidently about your daily life.



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