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Rather than focusing on drawing love into your life, this spell focuses on removing the lonely longing we all experience when we are not part of a special twosome.

For this simple magic spell you will need: Three glasses or chalices A small picture of two happy people A love-associated oil such as rose, apple blossom, or vanilla (vanilla extract from your kitchen is an excellent substitute for the oil) A candle in pink, red, or silver. The picture you choose does not have to be anything special; in fact, it works better if it is something you cut from a magazine that can be viewed as an overall concept of your goal, rather than as a concrete image. Fill two of the chalices about half-full with water and set them on opposite ends of your alter. These will represent yourself and the person who will soon come into your life as being apart, each feeling like only "half" of something you have yet to discover. Set the empty chalice in the center of the alter. Put the oil, picture, etc., wherever it is convenient for you to place them. Perfuming the air with your oil by using it to anoint a working candle (one lit to offer you light to see by) can also add to the atmosphere. If you choose to do this, make sure you visualize your goal and project it into the candle as you work. Light it as soon as you have cast your circle, so that it can function as your working light.

Cast The Magic Spell By Saying: Candle red (or silver or pink) as love light bright, Carry my prayers to the God & Goddess tonight. Begin, as always, by slowing your mind and focusing inward until the visualization of loneliness ending comes clearly to you. Form a picture of yourself as you are now...alone...and allow yourself to build up a complete hatred and intolerance for this state of being. Pour all of that deeply-felt emotion into the mental image and then, with a burst of will, force that image far, far away from you. See it flying out into the vast darkness of the universe, exploding, and being harmlessly absorbed in the endless vacuum of space. Now focus your attention on the center chalice, which is empty. See it as unused potential waiting to be filled by you. Invest the empty cup with all of your hopes and dreams of romance, companionship, love, and loyalty. If you are female, the chalice on the left will represent you; if male, the one the right is yours. These are the traditional directional attributes of the feminine and the masculine in many cultures. Lift the chalice that represents you, and then the other, holding them both out to your sides as far away from each other as possible. Feel your need pouring into yours, and the need of someone yet unknown to you filling the other. Look into the depths of the empty chalice and feel the aching loneliness inside you melting away as the cup fills with loving potential, representing unity and wholeness, aching to be used. While still focusing on the empty vessel, bring the two cups to your breast and sense the energy you have invested in them straining to come together. Pour as much energy as you can into this image and then, when you feel the time is right, pour the contents of the of the two chalices into the empty center one. Sense the happiness and relief of the two halves of the whole which are now united. Seal the magical union with a single drop of the oil you have chosen. As it mingles with the energy of the joined waters, intone words that affirm the success of your spell: Separated at birth, full circle come, Two halves of wholeness are joined as one. With harm to none, leaving all choice free, By my will, So Mote It Be! Lastly, take the picture and hold it over the chalice, allowing the joyful energy within to be transferred to the picture. Project your likeness, and that the one you have drawn into your life, onto the image. When you have invested as much energy as you can, place a single drop of the water, and another of the oil, on the picture, fold it tightly, and carry it with you until the moon phase changes. At that point it should be burned. If you feel the need, repeat the spell on the next full moon.



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