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Prepare the space which you use as an altar by placing a white candle,
a piece of paper, an ink pen, a quartz crystal, something which could represent
a cauldron (I used a mortar from a pestle and mortar in the kitchen) and some oil -
I used frankincense but that is horribly expensive, I got it as a present and only use it very occasionally.
Cast the circle in whichever way you see fit. I normally start at the east and use the
visualization techniques suggested - tracing a pentacle of blue fire in the air at each
corner and visualizing its element - so at the east visualize a wide open plain with
wind rushing across it, at the south feel the sun beat down on you and fill you with
great warmth, at the west imagine yourself standing atop a cliff overlooking a wide,
deep ocean, and at the north picture yourself standing at the foot of great mountains
cloaked in dark forests. Then collect yourself, focus your mind and go back to your altar.
At the altar, set your mind clearly to what you intend to do. Then light the candle, saying
"I dedicate this candle to thee, Lord Apollo the Physician, and ask your aiding in fighting this illness."
Breathe deeply for a while, feeling the power within the circle pool inside you, and when
you feel ready, find a word which most typifies the illness for you - it could be its name
(I chose "meningitis"), it could be the way it makes you feel ("misery" for example) -
either way it has to represent the illness for you. Now, write the word on the piece of
paper, and as you do it say "I imbue thee, paper, with the essence of this illness - thou
shalt represent it for me in this ritual." Put the paper down, and then douse it with the oil, saying
"With this oil I prepare thee, ."

Hold the paper to the flame and set light to it. Be careful!
Oil soaked paper burns A LOT faster than you expect it to. Drop it into the cauldron, saying
"With fire I vanquish thee, , in the name of Apollo the Physician I destroy thee, "
Repeat this phrase three times. Finally, center yourself again and hold the quartz crystal to your third eye.
Breathe deeply and use the crystal as a resonator for the energy around you.
If you are healing yourself, let the energy from the ritual which is inside the circle focus in the
crystal and enter you, healing you and making you healthy and strong. If you are healing
someone else, use the crystal to focus the energy of the ritual again but this time use it like
a transmitter, sending the energy out along a shining path to heal your loved one.
When this is done, thank Apollo for his presence - I said
"I thank thee, Lord Apollo, for your presence here tonight - farewell, Lord!".
Then close the circle by thanking each of the directions, starting at north and ending at
east, and ground the energy - I always do this by reciting
"Circle open but unbroken, power down to the ground,"
and pound my staff or stamp on the floor three times to let the energy flow out of me
back into the earth. You can leave the candle burning as long as you like - perhaps
until you get a sign that you or the sufferer is improving might be a nice idea.




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