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Learn to realize you are having an out of body experience through dream control! Then when you have become successful with that part of dream control , you will be ready for this part. You need to advance your dream techniques to where you realize that you are dreaming so that you can control the dream. Once you realize that you are dreaming you will find that you can control where you want to go and what you want to do. Now I am talking about when you have a dream that is in full blown color. Those type of dreams usually mean that your are actually out of body. You see, when people go to sleep at night their astral bodies leave and float around the astral planes in a dreamy state or gathering energy. Sometimes you may be learning things from other higher beings and eventually it is released in your conscious state later on when these beings think the time is right. You just have to become conscious of all this. Here are your key pointers: Work with dreams that are in full color. You must learn to become conscious during the dream. Try to take control of the dream and go where you wish. When you have achieved control you will know you have had an OBE! Remember to keep a diary of every experience.

What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid Dreaming is knowing that you are dreaming while you are doing it. When you know that you are dreaming, you can also alter the dream course. And with practice you can also develop full control over your dream, you will be able to create and change the environment and change your own appearance. It will be you that are in control of the dream scenario. You can do whatever you want to do. Live out your wildest fantasy, or just sit down and chit chat with someone. You should also be open for the possibility to share dreams and travel in time and space when you develop adequate control over your dreams. The word Lucid means that you have a clear and full consciousness. Lucid Dreaming can be much more fun than waking reality.

In what stage of sleep does Lucid Du go all the way down to stage 4 again (also called non-REM sleep)? When approximately 90 minutes have again passed, another REM-period start. This time the REM sleep lasts longer. And as time progresses less time in non-REM sleep is needed and more time is spent in REM sleep. After 4-5 hours you don't go lower than stage 2. Vivid dreaming takes place in REM sleep, so the more you sleep, the more time is spent in REM and the more likely it is that you may have a Lucid Dream.

Does Lucid Dreaming interfere with normal sleep? No. The only difference is that you are aware that you are dreaming. Unless you have some sort of sleep disorder that causes you to get less delta sleep, but then again, it's not the LD's fault. There is no danger with Lucid Dreaming. But if you have a bad heart you might have a hearth attack if you crash a car, or during sexual intercourse. Other than that Lucid Dreaming is one of the safest activities. It can even be used for healing.

What purposes can Lucid Dreaming serve? Those are so many. First of all, it is lots of fun. You can do whatever you feel like, without putting yourself in danger, or spending a lot of money on journeys or expensive equipment. It is great for therapy if you have any psychological problems. If you have a fear of spiders, that fear can be conquered through Lucid Dreaming. You know you are totally safe in a Lucid Dream. So you carefully begin with tiny spiders far away, and as you get used to them, you might let them go closer and make them bigger. If there is something you want to get better at, like Tennis or Snowboarding, then Lucid Dreaming can improve your skill. Lucid Dreaming can be extremely powerful for motor skill enhancement. This is not only true because of the vividness of the imagery, but also because the physiological nature of REM sleep is ideal for establishing neural pattern without actual movement. Experiments also show that you can get physically stronger with mental training. Lucid Dreaming can be used for healing if you have any illness. If you wish to have your subconscious read at a rate of 1 million words per minute, you can activate that in a Lucid Dream to gain conscious awareness over the knowledge. You can meet the author of the book you just read in a Lucid Dream, and ask questions you are seeking answers for in the book. Or you can sit down and watch the whole novel on a big screen TV with cinema 3D sound. You can use Lucid Dreaming for solving a complex and difficult problem, like mathematical problems. You can share a dream with a friend. Or even a whole group of people. So you can hang out with your friends when you are sleeping too, not only when you are awake. It is also great being a group of people trying to Lucid Dream. If you find your friends in a dream, you can tell them that they are dreaming. This way can you help your friends gaining Lucidity, and they might cause you to gain Lucidity if they find you. If you have full conscious control over a dream can you also use it to travel in time. You can explore the future. Even shared precognitive dreaming is possible. With a little practice can you also use Lucid Dreaming to leave your body and explore the world. By doing this you can also meet other spirits and travel in time. More about this can be found in the Out of Body Experience FAQ.

Can anyone learn Lucid Dreaming? Yes. Just like everyone dream, virtually anyone can learn to be aware that they are dreaming. How long it takes for you to learn Lucid Dreaming depends on how good your dream recall is, how motivated you are and what techniques you are using. And how many hours you sleep each night. Hopefully techniques and devices will be developed so that you may have your first Lucid Dreaming within a few nights. A few techniques and devices have already given results in such short time. But there is always room for improvement. In order to Lucid Dream you should have good dream recall. Many helpful and effective tips for developing dream recall can be found in my Dreaming FAQ.

What should I do once I'm Lucid? Absolutely nothing at first. You might want to try to find out how conscious you are, make sure that the logical part of your brain is functioning and that all your senses are working. You need to remember your intent, do some math tasks, recall a few things from your life, what time it is, what date it is, where you are and stuff like that. Look around you and observe things. Don't feel like you are in a hurry and need to get things done before the Dream fades. Also make sure that you are in a dream, not in hypnagogic imagery. All your senses should be working including tactile feelings. I want to emphasize that you make sure that your logical abilities are working. Not only do they create your consciousness, they can also create the most splendid dreams you could ever imagine. Once you are satisfied with your logical abilities you can cut loose and start controlling the dream.




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