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Magic cleansing spells are used for such purposes as follows; cleanse for a peaceful home, cleanse a magical space, cleanse a home of negative energy, and cleanse you of evil spirits.  A cleansing chant, herbal witches cleansing bottle, a cleansing ritual, spell for cleansing new wand, crystal and candle spell, and winter dawns cleansing rituals are only a few of the magic spells found in the magic cleansing spell section.

There are many free magic cleansing spells and rituals to choose from. A few of the most popular magic cleansing spells are used to cleanse homes, cars, and cleanse away negative energies. Also found here is certain bath spells used for protection and purification. These free magic cleansing spells are all available for your spiritual needs. Browse through all of the magic cleansing spells until you find a spell that is right for your magical needs.

Magic Spell For A Peaceful Home

Magick Cleansing Chant

Magic Spell To Cleanse Magickal Space

Magic Lavender Bath

Spell For Blessing A New Home, Home Cleansing

Magic Spell To Honor Your Household Spirits

Magic Herbal Witches Cleansing Bottle

Home Purification Spell

The Magic Broom Purification Spell

Magic Broom Home Cleansing Spell

Magic Cleansing Ritual

Magic Home Blessing

Spell For Cleansing New Wand

Magic Spell To Rid Of Nasty Astral Slime

Magic Spell To Rid A Room Of Evil

Magic Spell To Cleanse A Home From Negative Energy

Lavender Spell For A Peaceful Home

The Infusion Purification

Spell For Removal Of Negative Energies

Magic Crystal and Candle Spell

New Beginning Spell

Bath Spell For Negativity

Magick Self Purification Ritual

Magic Winter Dawns Cleansing Ritual

Spell For Home Cleansing

Magic Bath For Protection and Purification

Sacred Space Purification Spell

Magic Bansihing and Cleansing Ritual

Magic Room Candle Cleanse

Magic Full Moon / Cleansing Rite

Room Blessing Cleansing Protection Spell

White Candle Spell For Blessing

Magic Self Cleansing Ritual

Magic Ritual of Self Blessing

Magic Salt Bath Ritual

Magick Elemental Purification Of Store Or Dwelling

Purification of Self Spell

Magic House Cleansing Spell

Spell For Banishing Negativity

Magic Spell To Banish Negative Forms From Your Home And Yourself

7 Day Banishment of Negativity Spell

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