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This is a spell for affecting outcomes. It uses the color blue, particularly cobalt blue, ultramarine, royal blue, electric blue, any vibrant shade of dark blue. This is not a judgement spell; it does not attempt to find facts, determine justice, affix blame or penalties. This is a Justice Spell that invites the Universe to step in and right a wrong, to restore balance where imbalance exists. The final outcome is left to the Goddess, whose notion of justice may be different from ours, whose sense of Time is eternal, but who applies the Law of Three without pity. What goes around comes around. Justice may be seen to be done immediately or it might take karmic form, but Justice will prevail. The spell has two parts and can be used for any matter at law: civil proceedings, criminal cases; trials or administrative hearings. Binding and banishing spells could be used to augment it. As always, you can modify the spell in any way you like to suit the circumstances that bring you to needing such a spell.

MA'AT Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice and social order. The ostrich plume, her symbol, became a hieroglyph that represented her name as well as those concepts. It is this feather against which Osiris weighs your heart upon the scale in the Hall of Justice to determine your eligibility for eternal life. MABON Mabon is the Welsh god of youth, son of the mother goddess Modron. As a Son of Light he intercedes with the Matrix on behalf of humans. Mabon, who was stolen as a baby and wrongfully imprisoned, also rules justice. You Need: --A tall blue candle frankincense a blindfolded female poppet dark blue glitter, several vials --sea salt (substitute ordinary salt if you have to) a bowl of water --a tray or other surface on which to work the spell OPTIONAL: --A scale, the old-fashioned kind with two balances; This is a symbol of justice that could be placed on the altar while you are working the spell. --An ostrich feather, if you can get one, to decorate the altar I don't have a scale or ostrich plume, so I used a set of three black stone pyramids from Egypt. Wear a diamond if you own one, from the time you begin the spell until the verdict. Part One Arrange the altar or work surface in your usual way, then add everything you will need for this spell. Inscribe the candle with the feather of Maat, then write her name on it. Stand the blindfolded poppet in the bowl of water and place it on the tray with the candle and incense. Place anything you have that relates to the crime or dispute on the altar: photographs, newspaper clippings, legal documents, letters, evidence, etc. Call quarters and cast a circle. Light the incense and the candle. Pour the sea salt and blue glitter into the tray as you say: By Justice I rock the scales By Libra I bring them back into balance I call down justice By Nemesis, by Tisiphone By Dike and Athena I call down Blue Justice By Justicia the scales are rocked By Libra they are brought back into balance Let it rain Blue Justice By Nemesis, by Tisiphone By Dike and Athena Let it rain Blue Justice on ____ Let it rain Blue Justice for _____. Repeat this as many times as feels necessary to you. Use your athame to stir the glitter and salt together. Close your eyes, open your palms and pray to Ma'at. Tell her what result you would like the spell to have but acknowledge her right to effect justice as she sees fit. Close the circle and ground power. Pour the melted wax over the poppet. Leave the altar set up that way. Each day, for several days, burn the candle and more incense. Pour the wax over the poppet each time, praying to Maat. Mix the ash from the incense into the glitter and salt. This part of the spell can be cast at any time: before a proceeding begins, or while it is underway. Part Two The next part should be done at a significant point, such as the start of the trial, the beginning of jury selection, or when deliberations begin. Dress in blue clothes. Remove the Blue Justice Powder from the tray. Clean up, throwing the poppet and candle away. Take the powder to the courthouse. (This is best done late at night or on a holiday or weekend, when you are least likely to be noticed or interrupted.) Stand before the courthouse and recite these words over the powder: (Change or omit the first part of the spell if you are not of Celtic descent.) Hail Mabon, Son of Modron My Celtic blood calls out to thee It cries for Celtic justice It requires victory Hail Mabon, Son of Modron I commend your Celtic justice I call you to this place To command your Celtic justice By your power I transform this building into a Palace of Justice By your power this building is transformed I make of it a place where right is known from wrong A place where Truth is known from lies A place with judges fair and honest By Mabon's power I enchant this powder With Mabon's power I enchant this powder By the power of Mabon I command Justice be done here Sprinkle it every place that the judge, jury and defendant or plaintiff are likely to walk: on the steps, outside the courtroom, at entrances and elevators, whatever places you have access to. Make an invoking circle around the entire courthouse (by sprinkling the powder as you walk clockwise), if possible. Say or think 'Blue Justice!' as you sprinkle the powder. When you have finished, return to the front of the courthouse and pray again to Maat. Thank her and Mabon for considering the case, and for their intercession. The poppet could be buried or destroyed. If you like and if it is possible, it could be left outside the persons home in a place where they will be sure to see it, mailed to them or buried on their property or near the courthouse. For urban magic, consider throwing it away in a trash receptacle at the court. Keep the phrase BLUE JUSTICE in your mind until the legal proceedings are concluded. Get everyone else who wants the same outcome to also keep thinking about blue justice. If the attorney or prosecutor who represents your interest is open to such a thing, tell her or him to think 'blue justice' every time the case seems to be going against them. Dress in blue if you attend the trial.


If someone has a court case against you or threatens you with one, the classic hoodoo spell is to silence them. To do this, get a beef tongue from the butcher and nine sewing needles. Write the person's full name nine times on a piece of paper (which piece of paper can be a photo of them, if you have one). If you know their birthdate, add that too. Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name crossing and covering their name nine times, and as you do so, say, nine times: [Name], I cross and cover you. come under my command. I command you to hold your tongue. Fold the paper toward you to draw you wish in, then turn and fold it toward you again. Slit the beef tongue open with a horizontal cut, just big enough to put the folded paper in. Using the nine needles, stitch the tongue shut again. Cover the tongue in red pepper powder, black pepper powder, and salt. Now, at this point, different folks do different things with the tongue. A very old African-American tradition is to get a brown candle, dress it with Court Case Oil and light it, then while it burns put the beef tongue into a pot of water with red beans, a chopped onion, salt, and cayenne pepper, and cook it up. If the matter is going before a judge, and the person you want to silence is a witness, you can put it on to cook while court is in session. If someone is threatening to sue, you cook it any time. If you use small offertory candles. keep them burning the entire time the tongue is cooking, lighting each one from the last. Or use brown 7-day candle, which will stay alight the entire time. When the tongue is done cooking and the beans are ready to eat, you serve it up and eat it. And that means eating the paper, too. You are symbolically swallowing the other person's ability to speak. Be careful not to swallow the needles. Put them aside and after your dinner of hot stewed tongue, carry them to a crossroads, throw them over your left shoulder and walk home without looking back. Some urban hoodoo practitioners like to put the prepared beef tongue, uncooked, in the freezer, freezing; the person's tongue. This is a modern idea, obviously, because freezers were only invented in the 20th century, but it has great symbolism on its behalf. Santeria practitioners use the same African-derived beef tongue ritual, but they are likely to place the uncooked tongue on the accuser's or witness's doorstep as a warning, decorating it with cayenne pepper to make it hot for the potential speaker. They may also light three brown candles dressed with Court Case Oil around the tongue for the person to find when they open their door. To protect against slander, gossip, and false accusations, carry a pinch of slippery elm bark chips in your conjure bag. Some folks also put a pinch of powdered slippery elmbark into their sewed-tongue stew, too; it is perfectly edible and acts as a thickener, like file gumbo. In the case that the matter cannot be resolved and goes to court, carry Deer's Tongue Leaves for your lawyer's eloquence, Calendula Flowers for winning in court, and use Little John to Chew (also known as Galangal or Court CaseRoot) to chew while you are in court so that the judge will favor you.


It does not require a sword only Tarot and candles. You might want to burn some herbs or incense associated with justice while doing this spell. Also a simple yet incredibly powerful protection spell is done with a small or medium sized mirror you can hold in your hands. While holding the mirror facing outwards in other words not showing your reflection but turned to reflect out, turn in a counter clockwise circle to banish while saying: Circle of reflection, Circle of protection, May the sender of all harm, Feel the power of this charm. This does not send any negative energy at the sender hence eliminating the cause and effect portion of negativity adding to negativity but it reflects back anything being directed at you. So it bounces off you instead of affecting you. Circle three times full round chanting this or until you feel it is complete, then make a closing statement such as: So Be It


Three days before your scheduled court appearance, make this wash. Put the bottle in a consecrated dark place. On the morning of the court date, pour this mixture out of your front door where you must walk through it when you leave the house on your way to court. Carry a large piece of High John the Conqueror root in your pocket to the courtroom. To one pint of fresh water add 1/4 oz jalop powder, 3/4 oz of snake head and 1 tsp. of blessed salt.


Perform this Spell at midnight before any court appearance. Place papers associated with your legal battle on your altar. Place a candle to the right of them. At exactly midnight light the candle. As the candle burns brightly, study the flame closely. When it is burning brightly, clearly and steadily, stare into the flame. Place your writing hand on the papers and visualize the result that is wanted. Then Say: "Rash Of Mithra, Hear Me!" "My Cause Is Right and True" "Influence the Powers That Judge" "I Ask This Boon Of You." Walk 3 circles to the right, sit down again, lay your hand on the papers and stare into the flame. The flame will be moving. When the flame steadies again, say: "Rash Of Mithra, I Thank Thee Floor Thy Aid Against...(Name Opponents). Extinguish the candle and turn on the lights, pour the wax that has melted onto a piece of plain paper, and fold the paper in half. When it has cooled, place it under your pillow for the night. In the morning write Rash Of Mithra on it and keep it with you during the day. After the case is settled, destroy it.


First, you must recite the opening chant: " I move outside the limits of time to work my spell The dragons help me weave the universal energy The things that now exist become what I desire The tides of Magick answer unto me" Then, you need a tarot deck. Cards needed: Justice, The World, and nine of cups Candles needed: gray, orange, indigo, purple, black, and gold. Arrange the cards IN ORDER, left to right: Justice, The World, and then 9 of cups. Arrange the candles below the cards IN THIS ORDER: gray, orange, indigo, purple, black, and gold. Light the candles and after clearing your mind, say: "Gray mists to hide what I must do. Orange light to change my luck and give me power. Indigo strength to stop gossip and lies. Purple power to break bad luck and drive away evil. Great black walls to protect me from my enemies. Sun-gold beams to give me fortune and success. I stand surrounded by these powerful lights. I ask the dragon's help to succeed in my case." Concentrate a few moments on the cards and your objective. After this you must say the closing chant: "My thanks to the dragons, great and small, who came to answer my call, We wove the Magick, wild and free, And as I will, so shall it be." Place the candles in a safe place so they will not catch anything on fire, such as a sink or even in the bath tub, and allow them to burn themselves out.


This is best during a new moon: if you wish to involve candles in the ceremony, the best numbers are 2 and 9. Saw open a whole coconut, making sure that it remains in two complete halves. Clean out the meat and save it for eating. Next, make holes in both sides of the shell with a small nail. If desired, pattern the holes symbolically or use a specific number to enhance meaning. Set the halves aside to dry. Meanwhile, find a disposable representation of your frustration. Also gather a piece of white paper or cloth, some dried mint, white ribbon and glue. Sit before your image of frustration and pour all your feelings into it. It may help to visualize or re-enact the situation that induced those feelings. Cry or shout until a sense of quiet emptiness settles over you. Then, wrap the emblem up in white, saying, "I cover you with peace, harmony, and understanding. I accept peace to my own heart and extend it to ____. Where frustration was born, let love replace it." Now, inside one half of the coconut shell, lay the cloth and emblem, completely surrounding them with mint (to encircle it with calm energy). Put on the top of the shell and glue the two halves together. Finally, use the white ribbon of truce as adornment. Hang the coconut somewhere so the winds can release their serene energy into your space. If the coconut ever "goes bad," bury it with your negativity.


Do this spell on a Saturday ruled by Saturn and good for Justice spells You will need: a black candle pin olive oil sea salt candle holder Carve the person's name on the candle using the pin - or if you don't know their name, carve 'thief'. Mix a good handful of salt with a cup of olive oil and allow the candle to soak in it for three hours. Take the candle, wipe it down and carve out the bottom so the wick is exposed. Stand the candle on it's head and light the bottom wick - gaze at the flame, concentrate and say: "Thief your deeds are no longer tolerated It's time for you to stop this behavior. By my will you shall cease and restore in me a sense of peace." Let the candle burn out and if you can bury the stub near where the person lives or where they most commonly commit their crime - otherwise bury under a tree.




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