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When a time comes in your life that you feel stressed out and need a constructive way to release pent up anger and energy, go to a lake, ocean, stream, river, etc. Find a black stone. Visualize a circle of white light surrounding you. Cup the stone in your hands and direct all the energy you possibly can into this stone. Then, hurl the stone as far as you can into the water and say: With this stone anger be gone. Water bind it. No one find it. Ground and center your self, release the circle.


To be done after an argument has occurred between you and a loved one. Draw two figures on separate sheets of paper-one representing you and the other representing the other person. Personalize the figures as needed (e.g.. Draw yellow on the head for blond hair, draw glasses , etc.) Place an unbroken bay leaf on one figure and lay the other figure face-down on top, creating a sandwich type thing. Say: "Let the bay leaf take the energy and anger that is between us." Separate the figures. Pick up the bay leaf and crumple it in the palm of your hand. While doing so, say: " As this leaf is broken and blown away, Let the anger contained within also break and blow away." Place the figures again on top of each other and say, "Now there is no anger between us." Blow the leaf to the wind. Wrap the figures up with a pink ribbon and put in safe place.


Needs: White candle Scissors Small knitted clothing article Inscribe the candle with your problem, then draw a question mark beneath the inscription. Light the candle and say: "Problem, problem, melt away. Solutions come to me today." Snip a thread at the edge of the knitted piece and pull the yarn to unravel it. Say: "Knitted thread, as you unwind, Problems can no longer bind." Wind the yarn into a ball saying: "As I smooth you to a ball, Solutions rise come one and all." Alternate unraveling and winding with the appropriate chants. The solution will come by the time all the yarn is wound.


Draw a picture of yourself with the negative thoughts affecting you. (could be a black cloud, or your own interpretation of how they are affecting you). Charge a red candle with healing energy, light it, and hold the tip of the picture in the flame. After it's lit, drop it into the cauldron. Now, with the red candle still burning, draw another picture of yourself without the negativity. Place this under the red candle and let the candle burn out. You are done.


Write the name of the one offended on one side of a Popsicle stick, and yours on the other side. Place the stick in a jar, fill the jar half full with sugar. Chant: In this sugar we both stand, back to back, but hand to hand, Change (name of the person's) sour thoughts of me, to sweet forgiving thought, I plead. Add water untill three fourth full....and say with this water: I wash away all that keeps us now at bay sugar water, I now pray let forgiveness come my way Cap the jar tightly and shake 9 times, saying: Sugar sweet do your thing and bring (name of the person) forgiveness, Quickly bring him/her of thoughts of me so sweet That his/her forgiveness is complete Shake the jar 9 times each day while saying the last chant.


Tools you will need are: - Protection Incense (herbs or oils work fine also), Yellow taper Candle It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for three days. If you must put away your tools, try to at least keep your spell candle out in the open. This spell is used to uplift your energy and overcome depression. Read over this spell and customize it prior to use-the work will go much smoother. Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may use. While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of your work. Imagine how good it feels to be happy. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind! Just prior to your work, bathe in purification herbs, or with your favorite bath salts. While you are bathing, concentrate again on the purpose of your spell. Again, do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. After bathing, go to your work area. Cast a circle and light your incense. Envision a large, yellow ball of light surrounding you and your work area. Hold the yellow candle between the palms of your hands and direct all of your positive energy into the candle. Place the candle in its candle holder. Prior to lighting the candle, say (either aloud, or to yourself): This candle represents the love and energy I have for myself Light the candle and say (either aloud or to yourself): "As I light this candle, the veil of darkness that is ever present in my mind is lifting. The darkness ceases to exist as the light of this flame glows. Long has the darkness filled my mind, my desire to be happy is intense like the heat of fire. As this candle burns, my spirits are lifting and the negative energy is washing away. I will be happy, my life will be peaceful. I can see myself as I wish to be-happy and free!" Sit back and watch the candle burn. Meditate on how good if feels to be happy and envision the veil of darkness lifting. When the candle had burned 1/3 of the way, say: As the flame of the candle is extinguished-the light burns forever in my mind blow out the candle. Repeat this for two more nights. On the last night, after the candle has burned away and the leftover wax has cooled-throw away the leftover wax into to trash and envision your depression being thrown away with the wax. You will overcome your depression!


Take a photo of you and your ex-lover depicting a time or event in the past when the relationship was still good for the both of you. Then cut out the ex-lover's image. Cast a circle and burn the image while envisioning a hopeful, joyful life without this person. Do not blame yourself or your ex-lover, nor hold any thoughts of recrimination or revenge while engaged in this meditation. Continue the projection of your future life for a few minutes. Bury the ashes in an appropriate place.


When anger, a form of energy, is directed to worthwhile purposes, it can be beneficial, but often estranged lovers harbor anger beyond its usefulness. It hinders them from getting on with their lives. Here is a spell to release anger and send it back into the universe where it becomes neutral energy. You Will Need: - A glass item, if possible a wineglass, - plate, or other glass object your lover used to use, but any glass bottle or jar will do - Some black paint Paint your lover's name or initials on the glass. Take it to the local dump or recycling center. Go into alpha and transfer your anger into the glass object. Spend as much time doing this as you need until you feel you have released all your anger, or as much as possible. Then summon all your strength, close your eyes, and throw the glass as hard as you can into the dump. Listen to it shatter. Smile. Then walk away and don't look back.


You will need: - raw steak cocoa butter eggshells cigar white dish towel brown paper bag four pennies This spell is very effective for removing envy and jealousy. There are moments in life when one must step out in front. This spell is used to protect yourself from those who have nots who would seek to destroy your good fortune by placing the evil eye on you. The spell must be performed on a Thursday night. A Thursday that falls on or shortly after the new moon is best. This spell is used to ask for the blessing and protection of Obatala. S/he is considered the highest and purest of all the Yoruban deities. Obtala's day is Thursday, and all ingredients in this spell are sacred to Obatala. Take a raw piece of meat and rub completely with cocoa butter and crushed eggshells. Light a cigar and carefully place the lit end in your mouth. Blow smoke over the entire steak. Roll up the meat in white fabric and pass across your whole body from top to bottom. This should be done naked. Dress yourself afterward and place the cloth with meat in a paper bag. Place four pennies in the bag. Fold up the bag and throw out in the trash outside of your house. In the olden days the meat was thrown in the street where an old stray dog might eat it. The dog would then take your troubles away.


Items Needed: purple candle pen and paper vegetable oil fireproof dish cayenne pepper Inscribe the candle with your name, then draw the infinity symbol (a horizontal figure 8), both above and below your name. Anoint the candle with vegetable oil and roll it in cayenne pepper. Write a brief description of the situation on the paper and place it under the candle holder. Light the candle and say: "Wax and herb, now bring me power That grows with every passing hour. Bring control back unto me. As I will, so mote it be! Let the candle completely burn down, then burn the paper in the fireproof dish. Flush the ashes down the toilet, or bury them under a tree.


components:1 tablespoon of lemon juice (or another citrus juice) 1 tablespoon of sea salt 1 teaspoon of olive oil 1 light weight cauldron (a fire proof bowl works too) 1 piece of parchment/paper 1 black felt pen 1 black candle 1 red candle Mix the lemon or citrus juice, sea salt, and oil inside a bowl or your cauldron. Place the bowl or cauldron before you on the floor. Sit comfortably and place the candles beside the bowl or cauldron (red on left, black on right.) Now, tear the piece of parchment/paper in half and then place it aside... Light both candles, (Red one first.) Close your eyes and visualize a sort of bubble or sphere. In the center of the sphere, envision yourself trapped inside and trying to get out. Concentrate on the red and black candles burning beside yourself following them with your eyes until you envision the separate candle flames as spinning around you, getting faster each time they pass. Now see yourself as magically being released from your "sphere of fear." As your terror lifts you feel as light as air. On one half of the parchment /paper, draw a picture of what you saw as you were freed. On the other, write down your biggest inward fear that you cannot tell anyone. Ignite both pieces of parchment/paper , using the black candle flame for the written half and the red candle flame for the drawing. Most of your fears have been released into the universe.. Now throw pieces of paper into your bowl or cauldron. Your bitter fears and any flames left are now quenched by the magically charged contents inside. Take the bowl or cauldron outside and pour it (paper and all) into a hole in the ground. Fill in the hole with earth. The last of your fears have now been buried forever. Feel how free from your fears you now feel and thank the Earth Mother for accepting and transforming them on your behalf. You feel the sweetness of being free from all fear. The spell is done.


October is a good time to tidy up the soul. First, make a list of things that have to go (i.e. anger at yourself and others, resentments of friends and enemies, bad habits). Go through your soul as if it were a long forgotten attic where cleaning is overdue, then write down what you find. Decorate altar with black cloth. Place some fallen leaves, two black candles, and incense on the altar. Place the list in the center. Say: "Dearest Goddess, I have come a long way this year, Carrying my burdens. I would like to take them off my shoulders And give them back to you to recycle, bury, to compost. Here I offer you my resentments against friends and family And (say your need) And ask you to absorb them into your black universe. Relieve me of them and allow me to walk more lightly." Burn the list from candle flames and imagine all these feelings evaporating into smoke. Say: "I feel all light, happy and cleansed now. I thank you for being accessible and Answering your children's call. I honor you and thank you." Gather everything and cast them into a living body of water. Don't look back.


Needed tools: Glass jar Honey Sugar Water Wooden Popsicle stick Permanent Marker Put a mixture of one third honey, water, and sugar in a glass jar with a screw top. Take wooden Popsicle stick (or equivalent), write the name of the person who is creating problems through negative thoughts or actions on one side, and the perceived source of the problem (witches, a particular person, etc.) on the other side. Place stick in the jar and at least once a day, shake the jar vigorously. The person who is having negative thoughts will have an improved ability to relate to those persons or things he didn't like before. "He'll have sweet thoughts and won't know why." If this person is someone who is causing you a specific problem, when you shake the jar say: "Sweet, sweet thoughts of me, you will think, constantly."


This is a spell for self-acceptance when you have made a mistake or are filled with guilt or regrets. You will need; 1 black candle 1 white candle cup or chalice of clear water either milk or juice image of the Goddess green plant Cast a circle. Sit facing North Light white candle and say; Here is ________whose spirit burns as brightly as this flame. I come to you for forgiveness Light the black candle and say; Here are the negative things in my life. All my anger and shame are here. Hold the cup in both hands, filled with clear water. You should have before you the image of the goddess and the green plant. Visualize all the negative things you are feeling about yourself, the mistakes you have made, the things you have done wrong. Admit you feel bad, think about what you have done wrong, and let your emotion build energy. Project all the energy into the cup. Breathe on the water to raise your power. Visualize the Goddess as a forgiving Mother. Imagine her hands cover yours. Hear Her say: I am the Mother of all things, I pour my Love upon the earth. I drink you in with perfect love, Be cleansed. Be healed. Be changed. Pour the water onto the plant, and feel all your negative emotions draining out of you. Fill the cup with milk or juice. Raise more power, and visualize yourself as you would like to be, free of guilt and sorrow. Now say, "Mine the cup, the waters of life. Drink deep!" Know that you have changed, that you are now a new person, not affected by the patterns and errors of the past. Ground yourself and open the circle.


All you need to do is to first make the area of your working pure. Then you need to take Chamomile (oil or tea, doesn't matter) and breathe in the scent. Relax. Breathe in through your nose. Imagine the light of good flowing into you. Breathe out through your mouth. Imagine the darkness of evil leaving. Now when you are very comfortable ask any God of your choice to remove your depression. You may say this any way you like. Now try to remember the times that you were the happiest, and the god that you asked for help will make you as happy as you were in that moment. If that doesn't work just try to make yourself happy and forget about what's making you sad.


This just does something to people and I can't figure out what it is. They totally love the scent and go absolutely wild over it. I've used the recipe in simmering potpourri, soap and other things. It works in almost anything and is simple to make. --1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon and a half of rose oil --1 teaspoon and a half of lavender oil --One chamomile tea bag (empty the bag into your bowl) --4 good shakes of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of coriander 1 bowl 1 spoon Measure out all the dry ingredients into your bowl. Add your energy into them by mixing the ingredients with your fingertips. When you feel they are well mixed and you are content, add the oils and other liquid ingredients and mix with a spoon until all dry ingredients are damp. Use as needed...simmer with water as potpourri or..use it however you wish. When I made this I simply couldn't get the smell off my hands. Not for days. No matter how many times I washed. But when I made it into bath salts and soap the smell hardly showed up at all. It only seems to show up when you seem to need it and then a person can't get enough of it and they smell it and smell it until it's ALL they smell.


Description: Write, on a sheet of paper, exactly what you have done that needs forgiveness. Fold up the sheet and then write the name of the offended party. Anoint it with only a drop of oil or maybe a drop of charged water. Don't drown the paper or else it won't burn which is the next step. Take a matchstick and light the paper in a fire safe container. With the crime destroyed and the ashes washed away, say "Forgiveness I seek and safety I need, help me now prepare the seed." If you have a garden or a simple plant, scattering the ashes will help foster growth within the relationship. Notes: Charged water is any liquid that possesses a spiritual and usually not physical quality, given by prayers, chants, and incantations. It's basically a Wiccan form of Holy Water. Using a gemstone or other item to give it a charge is also a good idea. Magnets are often used to give the water a special force and sapphires are good, general enchanters. Keep in mind however that some crimes cannot be forgiven and harsh words will only galvanize a situation.


Incense blend: Frankincense, benzoin, dragons blood, mace, orange peel, rose petals Preferably, choose a time just before the full moon. Form your magic circle and be very still. Imagine warmth within you, gathering behind your navel and gradually spreading outwards so the whole of your body feels warm and glowing. Light a golden yellow candle and say: May my inner confidence glow like this candle flame May it be an ever-burning flame inside me May it grow like the moon and, having reached fullness, Remain constant as the northern star. As this candle burns and is transformed, So my inner confidence becomes complete So shall it be. When you are ready, close down your circle and end the ritual. You may like to put the candle somewhere safe to burn out, or relight it each day until it is finished.


This requires a mirror (preferably round), and an old photograph of yourself taken in happier times. The picture should include only you and no one else. Prop the mirror up and place the picture in such a way that it is reflected in the mirror. Allow the mirror to reflect the photo for a minimum of 3 minutes. During this time, recall those happier days. Immerse yourself in them. Don't allow your concentration to waver and melt into a sea of tears concerning your current state: keep your mind firmly fixed on those happier days. When you feel that you have achieved this, sit within the mirror's reflection (between the mirror and the picture). Stay there until your sadness truly blossoms into happiness. Repeat as needed.


--1 white candle --1 blue candle --1 pink candle Anoint each with love oil. Carve the names of yourself and the person you wish to reconcile with in the blue candle. Invoke cerridwen and pan. Light the white candle and say: "Cerridwen, Mother, blessed be I light this white candle to remove hostility." Light the blue candle and say: "Mother and Father, blessed be Bring between (name) and I tranquility." Light the pink candle and say: "pan and Eros, blessed be If there is still love between us, let it be. For the good of all and harm to none, as I will, So mote it be!" Let the candles burn down. Continue To Next Page




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