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The following chant is a good purpose chant that can be used for just about any spell: Witches power burning bright, tarot, rune and blade, Charge the spell, enfilled with might, here and now the magic's made. Wave and tree, hedge and flame, strength of the elements gather here, to bless this work and charge it well, to complete the spell nowfar or near. Mystic Moon and Brilliant Sun, send your power here this way, Gracious Lady, Mighty Lord, bless this charge that I lay. Powers that are, powers that be, gather round this spell I cast, Empower my working three times three, Send it forth to see it last! So Shall it Be!


Ingredients: Purple bag or cloth Vervain Dragon's blood resin Rosemary Frankincense Galangal or ginger root High John oil, personal power oil or Dragon's blood oil 1 Clear quartz crystal A personal talisman Purple Candle Directions: I suggest making up your own directions and spell for this one because it is a very personal pouch. Add ingredients or objects that have meaning to you. One suggestion: Try to sew on some small semi-precious stone chips or a stitched personal symbol.


These are especially good measures to take when moving into a new place, beginning ritual activities in a new space, or to release bad feelings when an inhabitant has been sick or has died. I did the home cleansing when I once kicked an abusive boyfriend out. To cleanse a single room - on top of a newspaper, set a blue candle. Surround with a circle of salt. Burn a little sage in the room. Light the candle, making sure it won't tip over. Close the door and let the candle burn down. When finished, take newspaper, salt, and candle leaving and bury far from your home.



Fill one jar with the following: Cinnamon [for dream Magick] Nutmeg [for good luck] Allspice [healing] Ginger [lunar Magick] Basil [protection] Fennel seeds [spiritual healing] Garlic [spiritual purification] Marjoram [protection] Sage [spiritual purification] Cloves [protection] Mustard seed [protection] Before you do any scrying or any kind or psychic work, inhale the scent deeply and shake the jar gently.


Hematite is the all-purpose grounding (energy-balancing) stone, not to mention a beautiful ornament. Tell, or charge all your troubles to or into the rock, then put it on the ground overnight, so that the negative energy will soak into the Earth and become neutral.


To help you make a decision, or to neutralize your trouble, light one white votive candle, and one gray, deep blue, or magenta candle. Stand before a window, and visualize your troubles going into a glowing black orb which surfaces from the Earth. Psychically push the ball back down when you are finished. Don't forget to push the ball back! Your energy will go into the Earth as neutral.


1 black candle, caraway, a small mirror Cast a circle and light the candle. Sprinkle the caraway on the candle's flame (be careful!) and on the mirror. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a magic shield... imagine the negative energies bouncing off your shield and returning to where they came from. Open your eyes and stand facing North. Hold the mirror out in front of you, the reflective side pointing outward. Say these words: "Mirror of Protection, Stop the flow of negative energy in my direction! May the energy be sent back to its source, Let it harm none along its course!" Now turn East and repeat the words for Air. Repeat for Fire and Water. Close the Circle.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit open your hands to me Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit open your hearts to me Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit open your souls to me Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit lend your power to me (repeat as many times as necessary)


Time: During the seven days of the Full of the Moon. When and Where: Outside, Barefoot, facing east. Clothing: white cotton. Bathe and meditate while using this breathing method. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When through, visualize the negative energy flowing out through the drain. Go outside and face east. Place the left arm straight down to the side. Palm flat against the body. Right arm straight out and palm side up. Bring up until the Full Moon rests on your palm as a crystal ball would rest. Meditate again using the Ohm meditation as you would a musical scale. When you are still and feeling the energy. Repeat the following: O Great Mother Goddess and Father God You who are all yet nothing. Beyond explanation and understanding. I ask thee to grant my request this night. I ask that you take the negativity that was sent to me And send it swirling into the Universe. Let it be sent back to the sender three fold And as a lesson of what is right and wrong. Let the residual energy be sent to me three fold With loving, caring healing positive energy. I ask that you grant this request. I also thank Thee for your kindness and caring attention. I ask this in the power of three So Mote it Be!


--1 Red candle 1 White candle Cast circle normally, anoint the red and white candles and say: North, East, South, West Earth, Air, Fire, Water Give me STRENGTH The gift of power to move from the earth. The gift of strength from the air. The gift of determination from the fire inside me. And the gift of energy from the water. Bless the Lord & Lady for these gifts. Thank you for the power to move, thank you for the strength, thank you for the determination, and thank you for the energy you gave me. So Mote it be. Or, if you need strength and energy while you are doing something outside of the circle, say the chant to yourself.


Place 1/2 cup vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue and 1 tablespoon of salt in your bath. Light a white and a blue candle. Imagine yourself surrounded by blue light, giving you positive energy. Visualize all of the negative energy leaving your body through every pore.


Lady Moon has spread her fingers of night over my patch of reality, And she watches me as I stand beneath her encompassing gaze Away from those who would cloud my vision. Her sister stars glitter through the sky and sing for the night. Mother, please fill me with your beauty and reveal to me the mysteries of your silent domain. My heart holds naught but love for you, My soul wishes to sing in harmony with its sisters within your embrace. In love and respect I come before you And I ask to be blessed with the power of Lady Moon.


At the Full or Waxing moon phase just before midnight anoint a PURPLE candle with real VANILLA essential oil or extract. Raise energy by tightening yourself up and pumping your hands, fingers to palms, up and down, and envisioning the moonlight as entering your body and flowing to the candle whilst you anoint it. Do this outside or before a window opened to the moonlight. Place the candle on the ground or windowsill and light it. Say:- "Fair Selene, Goddess of the Moon, love and light, I ask you to send me your magickal powers this moon lit night, By the power of the myriad starlight above me. And your moonlit heavens, so shall it be! " Visualize your outstretched arms as soaking up the moonlight and the moonbeams being absorbed into you. You will feel the Goddess giving you her awesome power, Snuff, (NEVER blow out) your candle and leave it overnight on your altar or where it is. Either at the sunrise, or just before mid-day. Place the candle in the same place and stand arms outstretched towards the sun soaking up the energy of its heat and sunbeams, Say: "Great Ra, Lord of the sky and solar power, Lend your fiery magick to me. Let this witches powers be reawakened and be as powerful as the forces of the cool Moon and burning sun, By soil, wind, flame and sea, Grant my desire. So mote it be! " Now your Magickal powers and your desire to use them will have been reawakened. Take your snuffed out candle to your altar and relight it there to burn out as a mark of respect to the God and Goddess. Spells are far more powerful if you write them yourself.


The idea is to lie in your token meditational spot - you know where it's nice, cozy, silent and you're sure not to be disturbed for at least half an hour. and build up some processional energy, try burning some frankincense incense or whatever works for you. No circle is required. when you think you've reached a highly charged, powerful state envision a cone of power going anti-clockwise (for banishing) like a cyclone above your house, slowly bring the cone (which I think is supposed to be upside down - as in big part on the bottom) down into your house and envision all the little nasty energies being taken up into the cyclone squealing and kicking and being enveloped by the giant cone. Drive the cone down below your house and deep into the earth and let all the little nasty creatures out there, once you are sure nothing is clinging take the cone back up into your house and go through the process again, a little bit stronger and more determined this time, so as any smart little things can be washed out in the rinse cycle (lol). Empty them deep into the earth again and let the cone rise out of your house and disperse - Relax and feel the positive energy and the lack of negativity in your house. Focus on these thoughts and keep the negative thoughts far from your head or they will feed on it and possibly come back.


The black opal is widely known as the "Witches Stone" and is prized for its magick enhancing properties. To increase your magickal power, charge the stone with the following chant and place it on your altar. "Opal black, of burning fire Add the power that's required To make my magick hit its mark, By light of day, or night so dark."


"Water to water, a witches' spell. Cast I now to speed this well. Focus and powers from out of the night Gather within and give my spell flight."


This is best used at the end of a spoken or written spell. This adds a certain "Oomph" to the releasing of energy. It also works best if you are wearing a Pentagram you have attuned to yourself. Speak these word with all the fibers of your body while releasing the spell's energy: By the Pentagram I wear, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, Ruled by Spirit as All should be As I speak SO MOTE IT BE!


Time: best done on a full moon. Cast a circle your normal way, but with an altar facing to your corresponding direction. (i.e. October birth=east watchtower) have at hand dragon's blood, sandalwood and rain mist incense. Burn them as you call upon the Goddess and the God. Explain to them your situation and ask for wisdom, courage, strength, and knowledge to be bestowed upon yourself. Once you have done this, do a chant of thanks. Thank the Goddess and God for their assistance then close the circle thanking all deities that assisted in your endeavors. Sit there and meditate on your request a little longer whilst allowing the incense to burn out naturally. Once this is done thank yourself and the area that was bestowed upon you to allow you to perform such a nurturing ritual.


Materials: A bright red or orange candle, a spicy incense, a glass of clear pure cold water, and a bowl of sea salt. If is sunny out you may want to start the spell by going outside for a few minutes and breathing in some fresh air. Sit in front of the candle and say: "Give me energy to happily complete the task I have been given to do. I will feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my reward." Sprinkle the sea salt around the candle and say, "Give me strength, O sacred Earth." Pass your hand near the candle and say "Give me strength O sacred Fire." Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say, "Give me strength, O sacred Air." Drink the water down and say "Give me strength O sacred water." Now immediately get up and go do your task.


These vortexes are located at specific points all in a row, which makes them easy to remember. Music is the Universal Language. Its content can be broken into mathematical formulas, and it has the ability to alter your spiritual vibrations. I always thought how amazing it was that a mathematical formula could produce unlimited "feelings" in humans, animals and plants. The music you choose can be calming, exciting, loving, etc. It is best to find a piece you enjoy -- one that is light and easy. There is a wonderful selection of music available these days in the New Age section at the record and tape stores. I do not suggest using a tape with subliminals the first time around. Give yourself a week "cold turkey" before determining if the subliminals are necessary. If you do not care for the newer music on the market, try the classics. I do not suggest using a radio unless the music is uninterrupted for the period of time you plan to meditate. commercials and disc jockey blather tend to make you lose you concentration. Pick a time of day that you will not be disturbed, and one that fits into your schedule. At first, block out only ten minutes time, then extend it as your proficiency and patience grows. When you can successfully meditate anywhere, you will know you've got the hang of it. In the beginning, the lighting in the room should be dim -- soft candlelight is excellent. Try not to wear restrictive clothing, and find a comfortable chair, but not one so soothing that you will instantly fall asleep. You do not have to twist yourself into a pretzel to successfully meditate. I personally think that this is one reason why Eastern forms of meditation died quickly in the seventies; we Americans are used to the couch potato position. Be sure that the volume of the music is not too loud. You might use headphones because they block out all other sounds. Begin by closing your eyes and consciously relaxing your body. Some people prefer to relax the body one part at a time, starting at the feet and working up to the top of the head. Others can consciously release tension in a few seconds. Breathe deeply -- in to the count of four, out to the count of four -- approximately ten times. Let your mind slip into a semi-conscious state. Try to ignore tingles, itches, etc., but don't make a major battle out of it. Eventually your body will not protest relaxing! Now it is time to make believe. Don't laugh! Wishes and make believe are the same as reality, it is only you who draws the line between the two. So, make believe that you are a fountain of sparkling blue light, or a waterfall, perhaps. This light springs from the top of your head and showers down your right side, swirls around your feet and comes back up the left side. Watch this continuous flow of light from your third eye (which is located in the middle of your forehead, above the bridge of your nose). When this is fully opened, it is a powerful and natural tool. Don't get excited if you can't "see" right away as if you are watching an inner movie. It can take up to thirty days to bring the picture in focus for some; as little as five days for others. Do not put yourself under pressure. Many people have their imagination on a very tight lease for fear that society in general will frown upon them. In the privacy of your meditation, no one will know or care about your imagination, so let it go. Continue the fountain exercise for one full week before going further. This will give your body and mind time to adjust to a new routine and react the way you want it to. End each exercise by envisioning yourself being zipped up like a sleeping bag and counting backwards from ten to one. At one, open your eyes and instruct yourself to fully awaken. During the second week you should follow the same procedures, but this time you will continue your meditation after you complete the fountain by opening up the Chakra center. You can envision them as tumbling balls of colored light, the opening of colored flowers (like a rose or a lotus), or as spirals of colored light. Start at the crown of your head and envision a pure white ball (flower, etc.) of sparkling light. Start the ball spinning in a downward rotation, yet the ball remains in place. When you have this center set in your mind continue to the next Chakra. This one is purple and located at the third eye area we talked about earlier. When that one is spinning and stable, move to the throat Chakra, where you will find a beautiful azure blue ball. Next is the heart Chakra, which can be envisioned as either bright green or warm pink. Move down to your navel and see yellow, as bright as summer sunshine; the area below it, between the navel and groin, see the orange of the setting sun. The last Chakra is in the groin area, and it is crimson red. There are also energy centers in the hands and feet; I let them explode all together into small, white balls of light. The third week you will try the hardest trick. Once you have all the balls spinning, let their colors flow into one another, like a giant, colorful waterfall or fountain -- hence, fountain meditation. When you are finished, imagine a zipper the length of your body. You must close up that zipper to shut down the chakras; never leave them open. As before, count from ten to one, then tell yourself you are fully awake. Breathe deeply. You have successfully completed the first leg of a full meditation. Let's stop here and consider if none of this has been working for you. First, you must believe that it is going to work from the beginning. If you are having any doubts, they are probably affecting your subconscious. Try writing some affirmations or taping to yourself to solve this dilemma. You may also try working the chakras from the groin area up. Meditation may not work if you are overly tired or not in the appropriate atmosphere. There are certain times in the day where people are more in sync than others. If mornings are good for you usually, try meditating in the early hours instead of night time. A complete meditation is designed to accomplish something. A partial meditation, like the fountain, is structured to balance the chakras and relieve stress. When you are finished with the partial meditation, you should feel rested and relaxed, yet energized. If you fall asleep during the exercise, do not worry too much about it. Your body is telling you that you need the rest. If this happens often, check your seating, lighting, and the time of day. Perhaps one or more could be changed to keep you from dozing off. As you become more capable of controlling your meditation exercises, you can investigate complete meditations that incorporate creative visualization techniques, subliminals or visualization training. If you are still having difficulty with meditation at this point, you should try a subliminal tape designed for that purpose.


You can use this magical Mercury powder by itself, or add the powder to other forms of magick - such as at the bottom of a candle or in a cauldron- to find information and encourage communications. To start, find and mix the following ingredients with a mortal and pestle: --dried white rose petals, silver glitter, blue powder, dried Vervain, and dried orris root. With your finger or a pencil, draw the symbol of Mercury and the symbol of Gemini in the powder. Hold your hands over the powder, asking that the mixture be instilled with the dynamic energies of Gemini. Store the powder in a plastic bag that contains a moonstone. To put to use, place a teaspoon of the Mercury powder in the palm of your hand and blow off your fingers as you ask the element of air to speed your request and return the necessary details to you as quickly as possible.


To be effective at energy work it is of great value to know how to ground and center yourself connecting with the spiritual heart of the earth and Source and calling yourself together aligning your thoughts and personal entirety in a solid focused state. this is a frequent basic practice in virtually all forms of spiritual work , healing, meditation, manifestation , protection releasing and is of itself often profoundly healing not only should every one learn to ground in the way they feel most comfortable with. Seeing that the person you are treating knows how to ground may be the most valuable part of healing and energy work sessions.


Many people find that if they rub their hands together vigorously first they can feel energy more easily . After rubbing your hands together vigorously to sensitize them if this helps you be more aware of energy, Run your hands over your own body or that of the being wanting a treatment holding your hands about an inch away from the physical body. Feel for hot and cold spots in the energy field. Pull out and throw away anything you feel intuitively that you should pull out and envision healing light filling any place where you remove blocks or that feels empty or that you feel needs it. combing and fluffing the aura with your fingers as though combing hair can also help clear and lighten the aura. You can also feel for the energy of the Chakra and encourage them to be open and clear and be well seated in the central energy channel. If you feel sticky or dark energy as you do this you can give it to Spirit, the Light, Earth to be transformed. In addition to pulling out blocks and overcharges in the energy field. Visualize and allow spiritual healing energy to flow freely and fill and charge the person or other, being treated do not try to do anything just allow it to happen you are not using your own personal chi because while many healers do use it you could drain yourself if you did and create illness in your self. Using the universal spiritual chi is more effective in any case.


You should begin by considering your own body, particularly your breathing. This is not difficult, merely finding yourself a comfortable chair in which you can sit without falling asleep. You should try to find a place where you will not be disturbed. Not because disturbances are dangerous, but because you may find yourself enjoying the relaxed state so much that being brought suddenly out of it by an offending family member may cause you to lose your temper. Once you have found your spot, sit quietly for about 10 minutes at a time. That is how you start. Just by sitting and doing nothing, and while sitting try to notice how your body reacts. Notice that twitch you have? Feel your lungs filling with air, rising and falling, pushing out our rib cage and letting it fall back in. As you sit, notice all of these things. Your body has certain places that are naturally tense. You will hear things you normally ignore. That is not really so strange. Everyone experiences it when they are falling asleep at night (i.e.. the creaking of the house). Pay very close attention to all of these things and you will discover something interesting. The more you listen to your own body, the less you are bothered by the thoughts of the day. This is because your conscious mind can only handle one piece of data at a time. If you are studying intently, you are unaware of what is going on around you. The more you practice, the more effective your mind becomes at blocking out unwelcome stimuli.


Just as humans have power points, the earth also has areas where energy varies. These are called power spots. Places like Stonehenge, and the Valley of the Dead are examples of power spots. Just as human beings have areas where their energy is more concentrated, so does the earth. Most of the older churches and temples were built on power spots, where it is much easier to connect with the spiritual realms. When you approach a sacred place, you can feel it's power and the strength that lies there. These places can be used to intensify your personal power and to assist you in connecting more fully with your spiritual center. Whenever you enter a room you automatically gravitate toward a place that feels comfortable. The place that you feel most comfortable in is often your personal power spot. It is the place that balances most closely with your own energy. As you stand or sit in this spot, your energy is magnified; it is like putting jumper cables on a car battery. The ability to consciously find these power spots can greatly enhance your sensitivities to energy and your own process. Being able to find these is like many of the other exercises in this book; they all allow you to know a little more about yourself than you did before. I suggest you find your power spot in nature. In any given location, there is a place that fits you better energetically than any other location. There are also places that can drain your energy and make you feel and act less effectively. It is important to be able to tell the difference. One spot may energize you while another weakens you and can actually make you sick. There are three major types of power spots. One type gives you energy and is healing. Another type of spot actually drains energy from anything within its boundaries. There are also power spots that are tricksters. They confuse people and trick them into giving up their power and sanity. It takes practice to be able to differentiate between them. The easiest way to tell between the types is by how you feel. It is important to trust how you feel and what you sense as you explore the energy levels of the different types of power spots. These spots affect you whether you are consciously aware of them or not. Begin by calling upon your protector and ask the universe for guidance. Relax and focus on your breathing. Slowly look around the area. Does one spot "look" brighter than the other? See how each section feels as you stand in it. Feel from your heart. Do some feel lighter and some heavy? Do you feel confused as you stand in some places? Now slowly walk around the area. Take time to stand in any place that attracts you. compare how each one feels to you. Notice the plants and grasses in the various areas. Do they look healthier in one place, greener and more alive? Let your self look intuitively where your power place is. Now sit down and begin to meditate. How do you feel as you sit in that spot? Does the energy feel loving and peaceful? If it feels rough or unsettling, move. Soon it will become second nature; you will automatically sit in your power spot. Avoid listening to your mind during this process. Trust the inner knowing. Your inner knowing, your sacred self, will never lie to you.


Scattered over the surface of an individual's aura are various power points. These points are areas where a person's energy varies in density or form, appearing either thicker or thinner than the rest of his or her energy field. Energy can be channeled into these points so the person can experience healing or have his/her consciousness pushed into another reality. The human aura is actually a complex web of energy fibers. Power points are areas where these fibers intersect or join. By manipulating these points you can rearrange the fibers to adjust the person's energy field. Moving these fibers can change the person on an emotional, spiritual, or physical level. This in turn can heal a person of physical diseases or emotional turmoil. It can also bring him/her closer to the sacred self. As with any technique, learning how to sense power spots will take patience and diligence. It is something we learn to do intuitively, not intellectually. You will have to work with a partner. One person should sit comfortably in a chair while the other person practices locating that person's power points. To locate your partner's power points, stand behind the person and relax. Allow yourself to go into a light meditative state. As much as possible release your mind. In order to feel another person's power points, you must see with your spiritual eyes, you don't see as much as feel; you sense at a deep level of you being. After you are relaxed, slowly begin to move your hands over the other person's body, being sure not to touch the body. Place your hands about six inches from the body and notice how it feels. Place all you attention to the area between your hands and the person's body. Close your eyes and breathe deeply; let your mind relax. What do you see? What can you sense? Allow your hands to become sensitive to the temperature and texture of the person's body. Move your hands in and out as well as over the surface of the body's energy field. Stay relaxed and breathe deeply. Don't try too hard. Simply allow yourself to really feel from deep within your being. Instead of thinking with your head, feel with your heart. Ask the universe for help in sensing this person's power points, and let your sacred self guide you. At first, as you move your hands over a certain spot you may feel a strange pulling or tugging at your hands. This is a power point. It may feel like a slight shift in temperature. A particular spot may feel warmer or cooler. Certain areas may feel sluggish or sticky or you may feel static electricity. Allow yourself to be sensitive to any change in sensations. Trust your inner knowing. Don't debate it with your mind. If you think it is a power point, it is a power point. Once you find a power point, ask the person how it feels as you move your hand over it. Without touching the individual, ask him/her where you are working. Both of you then can build the sensitivity. Take turns practicing until you can easily locate at least several points on each other. The locations of the power points varies from person to person, and from one day to another. Be patient with yourself. Learning how to feel and sense on these levels is a new experience for your mind. You have been trained most of your life to filter out any information you receive from these levels. When you learned to walk as a child, you fell down often. If you had given up, you would still be in your crib or crawling around on your hands and knees. Be patient with yourself. Let yourself learn how to walk through these new levels. Have fun and enjoy the process.


Power moves are movements that we make with our bodies that assist us in concentrating and directing the energy. Most martial art use power moves to one degree or another. When people dance from their hearts, they are doing power moves, allowing the power to speak through their bodies. Power moves are a dance of power. Tai Chi is an ancient example of power moves. Whenever you handle energy, you receive it with your left hand and send it with your right hand. Your left hand acts as an antenna and your right hand broadcasts the energy you have received. If you are open to its direction, power will instruct you-it will "tell" you what to do. Flowing with that energy can be a powerful and centering experience. It can also be distressing when you fight it or cannot control it. This dance of power begins as you relax and become mentally centered. Stand quietly with your legs shoulder-width apart. Mentally give the power permission to flow through you and ask it to guide you. Raise your hands and hold them in front of you. Let your hands and body move as you feel guided. Your movements will be smooth and rhythmic, almost like a ballet. Power moves are a form of moving meditation. They are relaxing and energizing. As you do them, you collect a great deal of power in your body. They are healing to both mind and body. If it feels appropriate, you can play gentle music or light a candle. Relax and let the energy move your body. Notice how it feels as it flows through you. After you have relaxed into the energy, allow it to move you for about fifteen minutes and then stop. Gently sit down and close your eyes. Ask the universe how to use the energy you have collected. If you don't get a specific answer, send the energy to Mother Earth so it can heal the planet, yourself, and the people you love. Allow yourself to bathe in the joy of that energy. If you are having a difficult time feeling the guidance of the energy, start with your hands. Hold them in front of your face and move your right hand clockwise and your left hand counter- clockwise. Move them slowly and rhythmically in and out. Gently notice how it feels. Then while you are sitting in a chair, begin moving your legs in a circular motion, noticing how it feels. After you are comfortable with those movements, stand up and again begin with your hands. First move one hand out and away from you and then step rhythmically out with one of your legs. Next do the same with the other hand and leg. Slowly begin moving around the room. Notice your body and let yourself enjoy its movements. Allow the process to be sensual and rhythmic. Be gentle with yourself as you practice allowing your awareness to expand. Enjoy the process. EXERCISES: 1. Practice finding power spots wherever you go. 2. Find your special power spot. We all have places on this earth that are sacred to us. Take time to find your sacred place. Once you find it, spend some time there. Let that place heal you and fill you with its love. Let your heart guide you to that place. It will call to you if you are willing to listen. 3. Buy a packet of seeds and divide it in half. Do some power moves and then sit quietly with half of the seeds. Allow yourself to feel their life energy and then slowly begin channeling energy to them. Mentally see them growing big and strong. Plant each group of seeds in separate pots and give them equal care. Notice how much healthier the energized group is.


Take a handful of earth and gaze into it. Put all your troubles and thoughts of distress into it. State exactly what it is that's troubling you. When finished, throw the dirt behind you and walk away without turning around to look at it. Also works with rocks.



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