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This free magic gemstone spells section also includes information on stones, gems, spells, correspondences, and healing properties of all magical gems and stones. Sex stone magick, healing water-holed stones, hematite healing spells, rose quartz garnet and carnelian love spell are only a few of the free magic spells dealing with gems and stones offered in this free spell section. Here you will find information dealing with stones used for luck, love, protection, healing, health, and vitality. Learn all the information about free magic gem and stone spells and all the physical and magical properties of stones here in this free magic spell section. Find the magical purposes for gems and stones such as fluorite, lapis, malachite, moonstone, aquamarine, bloodstone, sodalite and smokey quartz when using them in your magic spells.



Make an infusion of the herb mugwort, while it's still warm, strain it and then bathe the mirror or stone in the infusion, while softly whispering this chant 9 times. As you do so, invision the mirror or stone awakening to you and your own psychic abilities: Lovely oracle of magic worth, fair creature of psychic light, the truest answers, you shall bring forth, you shall be my eyes, my sight.


To improve your own work productivity, during the waxing Moon place one hematite in a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying: "Ground and heal, magnetic one; bring me clarity on this day." Add a quartz crystal to the contained and say: "Bring boundless energy to me; may it last through this day." Add a calcite and say: "Stone of joy and yellow light, help me sort through my work today." Place the container of stones on your desk and say: "Help me work through this day; bring me inspiration. And when the day is done, may the labor be finished."


You need to find two stones, one representing the female (either a shape with a hole in it or a triangular shape works also), and one representing the male (I think that shape is pretty self-explanatory). Hold these two stones together in your hand so that they are touching while chanting the following: Stones of power, stones of might, Love each other day and night. Guard each other in the rain, Until the sun will shine again. Stones of power, stones of might, Bring me love if it be right. Repeat the chant as many times as you like and when you are done place the two stones inside a box to be put away where it will not be disturbed. It is important to make sure that the stones are still touching when they are inside the box.


Take a holed stone (naturally holed stones often found in or beside running water or the ocean) and put it in a vessel of clear water. Remove it and the water is possessed of healing vibrations which can be used in healing baths, to anoint a healing charm, and so on. Perform this on the New, waxing, or full moon with the focus on healing and getting better. Place the bowl of water with stone out under the moon to collect Her energies and blessings. Say something along to lines of: Lady Luna, Bless this water with your healing energies. Then leave it outside under the light of the moon for nine minutes, nine being a healing number. You might also sit before the water and meditate over it, collecting and projecting healing energies into it. Then bring it indoors, store it in a glass container such as a mason jar and use. You could also drop a bit of blue food coloring into it and keep it in a vial to carry as a talisman. Use some of it in bathing waters along with a healing herb or oil. You could also anoint your forehead with it or afflicted are and then go deep into a meditative state concentrating on healing the disease/illness/problem.


Hold a Hematite stone, feel it's vibrations and channel healing energy into the stone. Chant: Stone of Hematite Stone so black Give me the healing energy That I lack Stone of Hematite Stone of Hematite Heal me now With the speed of light!


There are many aspects of our lives which we would like to improve, but we just can't muster up the willpower. In your time of need, a crystal can come to your aid. You can program a crystal to help you lose weight stop smoking or overcome any negative attitudes about yourself. For example, you want to stop eating chocolate but just can't. You know you should stop for health reasons but you don't have the will power. Try programming a crystal by telling it something like, "I have completely lost any desire for chocolate." Wear the crystal around your neck or keep it in a pocket. Whenever you want chocolate, touch your crystal and feel the urge dissipate. To get the most out of your crystal, you need to get the right crystal in the first place. Pick a crystal by attraction, by being drawn to touch it, and then hold it loosely in your left hand. Notice the impressions, colors, sounds, and feelings you pick up. No two crystals are the same. Each crystal has its own unique vibration, and each will resonate differently. It should feel alive in your hand, vibrate, or radiate. In other words, it should feel good. Before you use your crystals cleanse it. The easiest way to clean your crystal is to hold it in the bright sunlight and order it to be completely cleansed. when, program it with your desired goal. Now, you're ready to enjoy your crystal!


You can use the Stone of Luck spell for anything, love, money, health, wealth, spirit awareness, etc. The key to this empowerment is concentration and belief. When you have completed this spell, carry the stone around with you. Eventually you will start to get what you want. What you need: 1 Small stone of your choice (any kind) 1 candle (correct color for what you want) Appropriate herbs Appropriate incense Salt Water A cloth Oil (either olive, jasmine, or mint) Some bowls (glass or crystal) First you need to meditate on what you want, be it money, love, better health....whatever you want. After you feel you have meditated long enough, you may start the spell. Light the candle and incense. (Be sure you have all of the things you need with you.) Hold the rock in your power hand. Concentrate on what you want. Run the rock through the flame 3 times. Then put it into the water. Cup your hands over the bowl. Then take the rock out of the water and sprinkle the herbs on it. After you have done that, put the rock into a dry bowl. Visualize yourself getting what you want. Then anoint the rock with the oil and put the rock back into the dry bowl. Sprinkle some salt onto the rock. Concentrate more. Then wrap the rock in the cloth and leave it for at least 24 hours. Let the candle and incense burn all the way out. Dispose of the water. So mote it be!


Moon phase: Waxing to full You will need: Jasmine Incense or Jasmine Essential Oil Three stones: Rose Quartz, Garnet. Carnelian Candles: 1 red candle, a few beeswax candles (or whatever you have about your home) In you bedroom, open your curtains. If it's warm enough, open your windows and let the moonshine and breezes in. Light some candles around your bedroom and make yourself comfortable on your bed, placing the unlit red candle on your bedside table. Hold the stones in your power hand (the one you write with). Visualize yourself in love; your life enhanced with love, both given and received. What type of partner do you want to share your days with? Don't focus on who you want, rather what you want. Honesty, trust, respect, love. Visualizing yourself with love in your life is a wonderful thing. Charge the three stones with the emotions you generate and your wish to attract love into your life. Set the stones around your red candle. Light your candle and let it burn all the way down. As the candle slowly burns, the energy you charged the stones with is slowly released. Give thanks and close the Circle.


Supplies: 2 candles (l pink and 1 white), cinnamon, a moonstone (optional) Place the candles on the alter, the pink one to the left and the white on to the right. Cast a circle and light the candles. If you have a moonstone, place it on the alter. Invite the Goddess to join you, for you will be needing her help. Next, sprinkle the cinnamon in a figure-eight pattern around the two candles. As you sprinkle the cinnamon, speak these words aloud: "Oh Great Goddess of the light, Bring me happiness, true and bright! May a new love so true come to me! So mote it be! Thank the Goddess and close the circle. Either let the candles burn out, or snuff them out. Do not blow the flames out!


ORANGE stones have some of the fire of red but are gentler in their effects. Projective, they have often been seen as symbols of the Sun and are thought to be luck attracting. L-SHAPED stones are thought to bring good fortune, perhaps because this form suggest the conjunction of the spiritual with the physical. They can be carried as good luck pieces or placed on the altar. APACHE TEAR, a globule of translucent obsidian, is carried as a good-luck charm. AVENTURINE is an all-around luck stone. COPPER is a lucky metal, perhaps because of its past solar attributions, and so can be used in combination with any luck-bringing gemstones. LODESTONE is carried in pairs -- one to protect and the other to bring good luck. TIN is carried as a good-luck piece and can be shaped into talismans to attract money.


Gather 7 small pieces of turquoise. Place the stones under a full moon, to soak up the light for seven hours. Take the stones into your hands, and say: Luck be quick, luck be kind, By lucky seven, good luck be mine. Place stones into green bag, & carry with you wherever you go. Throw a stone into a moving body of water, stating your desire, anytime you feel the need for a little good fortune.


For general healing charge 5 lodestones (magnets) and one blue candle with healing energy. Place the candle into a holder and light it, place the lodestones in a circle around the candle, burn for 15 minutes a day. Also you can sleep with one under your pillow, rub the affected areas, and add a charged magnet to your bath. Magnets are used to draw out the non-physical cause of the pain. If you think you are being attacked from outside you can carry one as an amulet.


Hematite is the all-purpose grounding (energy-balancing) stone, not to mention a beautiful ornament. Tell, or charge all your troubles to or into the rock, then put it on the ground overnight, so that the negative energy will soak into the Earth and become neutral.


Charge a small stone of Saturn correspondence to carry with you as a charm of protection- black tourmaline, Apache tears, or snowflake obsidian. Or find any dark colored stone in the earth that feels solid, stable, and strong to you. Find a quiet outdoor place and sprinkle a circle of salt on the ground, large enough for you to sit inside, and hold your chosen stone. Close your eyes; ground and center, drawing Earth energy within you. Visualize rings of energy swirling around the Saturn stone you hold, building and increasing to surround and emanate from you. Within the rings you are strong, solid, secure, and shielded from harm. In the future, whenever you feel the need for extra protection, hold your stone to assist you.


Items needed: Basic altar set-up including: --salt and bowl of water, candle in color symbolic of need. Shield, ground, and center. Cast circle. Charge of the Goddess/God. Cleanse crystal by sprinkling with water, then with salt. Say the following: "This crystal is hereby cleansed and dedicated to the workings of the Goddess and God." With tip of crystal, scratch image, symbolic of need, on candle (i.e., a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, a fist for strength. As candle is scratched, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already been manifested. Chant to raise power. Place candle in candleholder, set crystal near it, and light candle. Watch the burning flame and again strongly visualize and chant &/or drum. Allow the candle to burn down.


What you will need: any stone , a green candle and a white one To make the healing stone: take an average stone from your yard or anywhere else (if you have no yard or they all really suck) or you can purchase one like a tiger's eye. Once you've got one cast your circle, call your quarters. Do an alter devotion then cleanse consecrate, and empower it. Instill the flame of a green candle and a white one to empower it with healing magic and purify it. While doing this hold your pentacle over it and say as many healing spells as you know. Then pour holy water on it and you're done.


Ingredients: --A Crystal Some Spring Water A Few Pinches of Salt First purify the crystal by washing it in salt water and then rinsing it. Then hold it in both hands while closing your eyes and imagining yourself filling with the healing energy of the crystal. Imagine yourself bathed in a stream of pure energy which runs from the crystal through your hands and into your body. Sleep with the crystal under your pillow.


Needed: --3 candles- 2 light blue & 1 white --Allspice & Rosemary (equal parts each) or a Healing type incense --photo or paper with name of recipient a small quartz crystal Place the candles on your altar or workspace in a semi-circle with the white candle between the two blue ones. Place your incense burner above the white candle. Place the person's name in the center of the layout, with the quartz crystal on top. Light the incense then the candles. Center yourself and inhale the incense as you think of all ill health dispelling from the person and instead being replaced by healing energy, much as the air is filled with the smoke of the incense. Gather your healing energy and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal and to the recipient who's name or photo is beneath it. Give the recipient the crystal to carry as a charm for continued good health.


Invoke the Goddess and God. Light some candles and herbs of the correct healing property. Place the crystal in between the Goddess and God candle and say: O great goddess Shine your lunar ray of light upon this crystal Great Goddess charge this stone with healing power O great god Shine you solar ray of light upon this crystal Great God empower this stone with your magic light Blessed be Now tough the crystal with your left hand and visualize a Luna and solar ray of light shining down on the crystal. Feel the energies flowing through the stone. Now hold the crystal with its point toward your body with your right hand and visualize a light of the correct healing color radiating from the crystal to the area of you body where you are sick, Imagine the light healing your body. Now point the crystal away from your body and visualize the negative energies moving out of your body through the crystal. This rite is over.


You will need: quartz crystal If you have a piece of quartz, first wash it in warm soapy water and rinse it with running water. Then hold the crystal in both hands. Close your eyes and imagine being bathed in white light. Visualize the area of your illness and point the crystal to that site. Imagine a stream of light flowing from the crystal and bathing the area in its pure rays. Place your crystal under your pillow while you sleep.


Just as semiprecious and precious stones have been used for a wide variety of magical purposes, so too have plain, ordinary stones. Nothing in nature is without its magical uses. This feature contains minor rituals utilizing any kind of stone you find in your backyard, on the beach or anywhere out in nature. In these spells, use your powers of visualization and concentration to direct the energy through the stones. Here, the rocks are usually focal points or tools that add little power of their own. Some of them are amulets and talismans of a kind. That's not to say that a piece of granite made up of quartz, hornblende and various other minerals doesn't contain its own powers, but such stones lack focused energy. Since this is the kind most needed in magic, it is more difficult to work with them than with amethyst and carnelian. Therefore, in the simple spells that follow, don't worry about which stone to use. Take whatever is at hand.

PROTECTION, The Five Pebbles

Go to a moving brook or stream. While standing in the water and facing downstream, remove five small pebbles from the stream bed As you do this, visualize your need for protection. As your hand closes over the pebbles, see them beaming out protective energies. Just as the pebbles are hard and have weathered for eons, so too will they strengthen your protective shield. Now carry them at all times for protection. If you wish, place them in a small pouch or a fold of cloth, or incorporate them into some form of jewelry.

DIVINATION, Black and White

Spend a few minutes gathering stones. Half should be dark and half of a lighter color. Place them on the ground before you. Ask your question or keep it in mind. Close your eyes and jumble the stones around for a few seconds; then, with your left or receptive hand, remove one of the stones. If you picked a dark stone, the answer is yes or the prospects favorable. If light, no.

LOVE, Stone Love Spell

Go to a place that contains many water-worn stones. Look for a large, flat rock while visualizing yourself being involved with the perfect mate. On this rock mark with red ink two intertwined hearts. As you do this, keep the visualization in mind. When you are finished, bury the stone in the earth in an uncultivated place.


Take any stone. Hold it in your projective hand for several minutes while visualizing your need. Flood the stone with your need and with your emotional involvement with your need. Send power out from your body to the stone. Use your visualization to see it streaming into the rock. Then throw the stone into running water. It is done.


To be rid of diseases, unhealthy habits, hurt feelings and any other disturbing manifestations of life, hold any stone in your projective hand and visualize the problem in detail. Visualize the part of you that is to be banished as entering the stone. See the problem and its causes leaving you and infusing the stone. When you can send no more energy into it, throw the stone onto a hot fire, throwing with it the causes and manifestations of your problem. Stand back the stone may explode. If you have no fire or don't wish to have rocks exploding, throw the stone into the air or into water, thereby releasing the problem causing energy from your body. It is done.


The ancients regarded turquoise as a powerful magickal aid to ward off misfortune, illness, and the evil eye. You can use turquoise to make your own amulet for protection. To begin, during the waxing Moon take a piece of blue turquoise or an item of blue turquoise jewelry and hold it in your hand for a moment. In your mind's eye, picture a blue light surrounding you. Hold the stone to your heart, and breathe on it to charge it with your power, saying: Stone of blue, surround me with protective energy. I am protected by your soothing blue light. Carry your turquoise with you or wear it as often as you can. Handle it frequently to keep the spell active.


The black opal is widely known as the "Witches Stone" and is prized for its magick enhancing properties. To increase your magickal power, charge the stone with the following chant and place it on your altar. "Opal black, of burning fire Add the power that's required To make my magick hit its mark, By light of day, or night so dark."


This is something that can be done, alone, on a walk in the countryside, with no extra magical 'tools' or paraphenalia. It is simple magic and down to earth paganism. It can be applied for any need, but is particularly suitable for 'earthy' needs, such as money, housing, jobs, healing. Take one stone, and speak (or 'think') into it your need. Place the stone firmly on the ground. Take another and repeat, until you have a fair sized mound, or Cairn. As each stone is placed, imagine that the magic is building and that your need is getting nearer to being met. If you have no stones, you can still do this with imaginary stones, or pebbles, or whatever else seems right at the particular moment.


AGATE - Good for transmutation; helps with the emotion of acceptance; gives a mellow, blended aspect; beneficial in stomach area. AGATE/BOTSWANA - Use with high-pressure oxygen therapy; smoke inhalation. AGATE/FIRE - Master healer with color therapy; enhances all essences; grounds and balances; sexual & heart chakra binder; burns energy. AGATE/MOSS - Emotional priorities; mental priorities; colon, circulatory, pancreas & pulses; blood sugar balance; agriculture. AGATE/PICTURE - L & R brain imbalances; i.e. epilepsy, autism, dyslexia; visual problems; blood circulation to the brain; apathy is eased. ALEXANDRITE - Low self-esteem & difficulty centering imply need; central nervous system disorders; spleen & pancreas. AMBER - Memory loss; eccentric behavior; anxiety; inability to make decisions; thyroid, inner ear & neural-tissue strengthener; activates altruistic nature; realization of the spiritual intellect. AMETHYST - Headaches; blood sugar imbalance; L brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender ANHYDRITE - Heavy metal maism is alleviated. AQUAMARINE - Fluid retention; coughs; fear; thymus gland; calms nerves; problems with eyes, ears, jaw, neck, stomach, teeth; Mental clarity; meditation. ATACAMITE - Genitals; VD; thyroid; parasympathetic ganglia. AVENTURINE - Eliminates psychosomatic ills, fear; skin diseases; nearsightedness; positive attitude; creative insight. AZURITE - Arthritis & joints; surfaces psychic blocks that form physical blocks; helps one let go of old belief systems; dissolves fear & helps transform it into understanding. AZURITE-MALACHITE - Skin diseases; anorexia; calms anxiety; lack of discipline; powerful healing force to physical body;emotional release. BERYL - Laziness; hiccoughs; swollen glands; eye diseases; bowel cancer. BLOODSTONE/HELIOTROPE - Circulation; all purpose healer & cleanser; stomach & bowel pain; purifies bloodstream; bladder; strengthens blood purifying organs. CARNELIAN - Grounding; stimulates curiosity & initiative; focuses attention to the present moment; use with citrine on lower 3 chakras; digestion. CHALCEDONY - Touchiness; melancholy; fever; gallstones; leukemia; eye problems; stimulates maternal feelings & creativity. release. CHRYSOCOLLA - Emotional balance & comforter; alleviates fear, guilt & nervous tension; facilitates clairvoyance; arthritis; feminine disorders; eases labor & birth; thought amplifier. CHRYSOLITE - Inspiration; prophecy; toxemia; viruses; appendicitis. CHRYSOPGRASE - Gout; eye problems; alleviates greed, hysteria & selfishness; VD; depression; promotes sexual organ strength. CITRINE QUARTZ - Heart, kidney, liver & muscle healer; appendicitis; gangrene; red & white corpuscles; digestive tract; cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere; creativity; helps personal clarity; will bring out problems in the solar plexus & the heart; eliminates self-destructive tendencies. CLEAR QUARTZ - Transmitter & amplifier of healing energy & clarity; balancer, channeler of universal energy & unconditional love; all purpose healer; programmable. DIAMOND - All brain diseases; pituitary & pineal glands; draws out toxicity, poison remedy. DIOPSITE & ENSTATIATE - organ rejection; heart, lung & kidney stimulation; self-esteem. ELIAT STONE - Tissue & skeletal regeneration; detoxification; antidepressant; karmic life acceptance. EMERALD - Radiation toxicity; all mental illness; circulatory & neurological disorders; transmits balance, healing & patience; increases psychic & clairvoyant abilities;meditation; keener insight into dreams. FLOURITE - Bone disorders; anesthetic; hyperkenesis; ability to concentrate; balances polarities; 3rd eye center; mental capacity & intellect. GARNET/RHODOLITE - Capillaries; skin elasticity; protection from pre- cancerous conditions. GARNET/SPESSARTINE - Bad dreams; depression; anger; self esteem; hemorrhages; hormone imbalances; inflammations; sexual disease. HEMATITE - Blood cleanser & purifier; self esteem; augments meridian flows; aids in astral projection. HERKIMER DIAMOND - Enhances dream state; helps alleviate stress; draws toxicity from physical form; balances polarities; increases healing ability; develops ability to "give". JADE - Kidney, heart, larynx, liver, parathyroid, spleen, thymus, thyroid & parasympathetic ganglia healer; strengthens body; longevity. JASPER/GREEN - Constipation; ulcers; intestinal spasms; bladder, gallbladder & general healer; clairvoyance; balances healer's auric field. JASPER/PICTURE - Skin, kidneys, thymus & their neurological tissues; betters the immune system; past life recall; overactivity in dream state & hallucinations show a need for it. JASPER/RED - Liver; stomach troubles & infections. JASPER/YELLOW - Endocrine system tissue; thymus; pancreas; sympathetic ganglia stimulation; etheric body alignment. JET - Feminine disorders; teeth; stomach pain; glandular swelling;fevers; hair loss; alignment of lower spine. KUNZITE - Alcoholism; anorexia; arthritis; epilepsy; gout; headaches; colitis; retardation; memory loss; schizophrenia & manic-depression; phobias; emotional equilibrium; thyroid malignancy; gums; pain; self-esteem. LAPIS - Neuralgia; melancholy; fevers; inflammations; penetrates subconscious blockages; throat chakra; sore throat; energy focuser for teachers, lecturers & speakers, mental & spiritual cleanser; used on 3rd eye for meditation;eliminates old & negative emotions; use with other healing stones; thought form amplification; helps in creating mantras. LAZULITE - Frontal lobe stimulation; hypertension; liver diseases; immune system. MALACHITE - Draws out impurities on all levels; balances L & R brain functions; mental illness; co-ordination and vision; radiation eliminator; evil eye protector; all purpose healer, especially in solar plexus & good for healers. MOONSTONE - Soothes & balances the emotions; helps eliminate fear of "feeling"; encourages inner growth & strength; aids peace & harmony & psychic abilities; aligns vertebrae; digestive aid. ANITE - Larynx; lungs; thyroid; parasympathetic nervous system; major muscle tissues. NATROLITE - Color; lower intestines; thyroid; sciatic nerve; parasympathetic nervous system. OBSIDIAN - Protects the gentle from being abused; stabilizer; stomach, intestine &I general muscle tissue healer; bacterial & viral inflammations. ONYX - Objective thinking; spiritual inspiration; control of emotions & passions, help eliminate negative thinking, apathy, stress & neurological disorders; also used as a heart, kidney, nerve, skin, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener. OPAL/CHERRY - Red corpuscle & blood disorders; depression; apathy; lethargy; intuition & joy. OPAL/DARK - Reproductive organs; spleen & pancreas; filters red corpuscles & aids white corpuscles; bone marrow; depression, esp. of sexual origin; balances; amplifies creative & intuitive thought; grounds radical emotional body. OPAL/JELLY - Spleen & abdominal diseases; cellular reproductive problems; helps absorb nutrients; minimizes wide mood swings; mystical thought amplifier. OPAL/LIGHT - Balances L & R brain hemispheres for neural disorders; stimulates white corpuscles; helps bring the emotions to mystical experiences; aids abdomen, pituitary & thymus problems. PEARL - Eliminates emotional imbalances; helps one master the heart chakra; aids stomach, spleen, intestinal tract & ulcer problems. PERIDOT - Protects against nervousness; helps alleviate spiritual fear; aids in healing hurt feelings & bruised egos; incurs strength & physical vitality; aligns subtle bodies; amplifies other vibrational energies & positive emotional outlook; helps liver & adrenal function. PYRITE - Helps purify the bloodstream and upper respiratory tract; upper intestines; digestive aid; nervous exhaustion; grounding. QUARTZ/SOLUTION - Lymphatic cancer & circulatory problems; helps the psychologically inflexible. RHODOCHROSITE - Narcolepsy & narcophobia; poor eyesight; extreme emotional trauma; mental breakdown; nightmares & hallucinations; astral body; kidneys; clears solar plexus of blocked energy; unconditional love & forgiveness; evil eye protection; helps one utilize the creative power of the higher energy centers. RHODONITE - Inner ear; alleviates anxiety; confusion & mental unrest; promotes calm, self worth, confidence & enhanced sensitivity. RHYOLITE - Balances emotions; self worth; enhances capacity to love; aligns emotional & spiritual bodies; stimulates clarity of self statement. ROSE QUARTZ - Heart chakra opener; love & self-acceptance healer for emotional wounds; dissipates anger & tension. ROYAL AZEL (SUGALITE or LUVALITE) - L & R hemisphere balance; opens crown chakra; heart statement; increases altruism, visions & general understanding; protects against negative vibrations; helps one gain power to balance the physical body RUBY - Heart chakra; balances love & all spiritual endeavors; self-esteem; strengthens neurological tissues around the heart; prevents miscarriages. RUTILE - Alleviates blockages within the psyche from childhood pressures. SAPPHIRE - Spiritual enlightenment; inner peace; colic; rheumatism; mental illness; pituitary; metabolic rate of glandular functions; anti- depressant; aids psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance & astral projection; personal statement; also for pain. SARDONYX - Mental self control; depression; anxiety & especially for grief. SMITHSONITE - Eases fear of interpersonal relationships; merges astral & emotional bodies; balances perspective. SMOKY QUARTZ - Stimulates Kundalini energy; cleanses & protects the astral field; draws out distortion on all levels; good for hyperactivity & excess energy; grounding. SODOLITE - Oversensitivity; helps intellectual understanding of a situation; awakens 3rd eye; cleanses the mind. SPINEL - Leg conditions, when worn on solar plexus; powerful general healer; detoxification aid. TIGER'S EYE - Mind focuser; helps purify the blood system of pollution & toxins; psychic vision; grounding. TOPAZ - Balances emotions; calms passions; gout; blood disorders; hemorrhages; increases poor appetite; general tissue regeneration; VD; tuberculosis; reverses aging; spiritual rejuvenation; endocrine system stimulation; releases tension; feelings of joy. TOURMELINE - Dispels fear & negativity & grief; calms nerves; concentration & eloquence improve; genetic disorders, cancer & hormones regulated; raises vibrations; charisma; universal law; tranquil sleep. TOURMELINE/BLACK - Arthritis; dyslexia; syphilis; heart diseases; anxiety; disorientation; raises altruism; deflects negativity; neutralizes distorted energies, i.e. resentment & insecurity. TOURMELINE/RUBELLITE - Creativity; fertility; balances passive or aggressive nature. TOURMELINE/GREEN - Creativity; opens heart chakra; immune system; psychological problems with the father; blood pressure; asthma; balancer; eliminates conflict within. TOURMELINNE/BLUE (INDICOLITE) - Lungs, larynx; thyroid; parasympathetic nerves. TOURMELINE/WATERMELON - Heart chakra healer; imparts sense of humor to those who need it; balancer; eliminates guilt; nervous system; integration, security & self-containment. TURQUOISE - Master healer; protects against environmental pollutants; strengthens anatomy & guards against all disease; improved absorption of nutrients; tissue regeneration; subtle body alignment & strengthening; eye disorders.

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