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Tonic waters containing the energies of the moon embody very powerful healing benefits that bring about integral balance and wholeness throughout the body, mind and soul. Clear quartz crystal catalyses the absorption of lunar energies as well as amplifies the healing benefits. TO PREPARE MOON WATER Wait for a clear night, preferably on or right before the full moon. Put your crystal in a clear glass and cover with one cup of purified water. Check an almanac for the exact time of sundown on the day you have chosen. At sundown, place the glass out of doors in a moonlit place (cover the glass with clear plastic wrap). Remove the glass at dawn. The water is now filled with lunar potency. Drink the moon water every morning to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the stress of the day.



A love tea spell can be made on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday during a waxing moon. You Will Need: 3 candles (red, pink, and green) 4 caraway seeds 4 fennel seeds 1 tea bag 3 rose hips 5 edible rose petals. If you cannot get rose petals, buy rose water or dried roses from a herbal shop. (Be sure that the roses have not been sprayed with pesticides and are safe for brewing into a tea). Light the candles and place them on the stove near the teapot. Bring two cups of spring water to a slow simmer. Add the other ingredients with the tea. As the love tea is steeping, pass your hands over the steam three times, and concentrate on the feelings of love. Pour a cup and sit in a cheerful place. If you have a photo of an intended lover, place it where you can see it as you drink the tea. Recite this spell: "I lift this cup to my lips, I drink it slow with tiny sips, Rose, tea, caraway, And fennel cause love to stay."



Dew should be collected from organically grown roses! Non organic roses are frequently sprayed with highly toxic chemicals, some will cause allergic reactions or worse! They aren't safe even if you have never seen them being sprayed either, systemic poisons are injected or placed around the roots of the plant and will result in the same exposure to these toxins. Even organically grown roses are occasionally sprayed with sulfur and other solutions to keep fungi at bay, so this will affect the working. Sulfur will actually oppose this working with its repelling tendencies. Ideally, the roses will be your own, or from a garden you are familiar with so you know that it has been at least two weeks since any sprays have been applied. I spray mine with a mixture of comfrey, manure, compost, and baking soda, fermented together and made into a tea, and NO WAY would I recommend collecting dew off of them for a couple days after the spray! To collect the dew, have a very clean, well wrung out, natural sea sponge or color-free cellulose sponge. Armed with your sponge and a small bottle, go to the roses late at night or very early in the morning, during the waxing moon is best. Dab the dew from the flowers and some leaves and occasionally wring the sponge out into the bottle. This shouldn't take long, maybe 15 minutes to collect what is needed, (depending on the humidity in your area) but get extra as long as you are there for future use. Separate the excess from what you will be using for any immediate workings. To the bottle that you will be putting up for storage add: 3 drops of ethyl alcohol, brandy, or rubbing alcohol OR 9 drops of commercial vanilla extract AND a small pinch of sea salt. This will keep it fresh for several months, and I like to refrigerate mine as well. Exposure to light will ruin the solution, as with many extracts and infusions, so keep it in the dark or in an amber or cobalt glass phial. If you cannot collect Rose Dew in this manner, substitute rose water in your spells. Rose water can be readily purchased from most grocers, drug stores or Mediterranean food markets.



Mortar and pestle red wine beautiful glasses for serving the wine - 1 red candle 1 stick of incense a saucepan - 3 types of love herbs, 1 teasp of each (check that the herbs you chose are not poisonous ) Prepare your altar, light the incense and candle. Grind the herbs in your mortar and pestle (If you have used it for grinding poisonous herbs, then either buy a new one for cooking, or use a food processor ), charge the herbs for your magical purpose. Put enough wine in the saucepan, simmer, then add herbs slowly. As you do it, feel your intention for love, stir in herbs, keeping your focus. For best results, do on the waxing of the moon and chose herbs that suit your taste. Some herbs and spices do have a very strong taste.



filtered water, 2 cups of red wine 1 teasp of each of the following: Cumin, mint and peppermint mix herbs together in a pot, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins. Serve.



Place dried seaweed under the busiest portion of the house to draw luck and prosperity to you. To change your luck, add one tablespoon of nutmeg to six cups of boiling water. Steep for three hours. Use for body anointing or add to a ritual bath.



This just does something to people and I can't figure out what it is. They totally love the scent and go absolutely wild over it. I've used the recipe in simmering potpourri, soap and other things. It works in almost anything and is simple to make. --1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon and a half of rose oil --1 teaspoon and a half of lavender oil --One chamomile tea bag (empty the bag into your bowl) --4 good shakes of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of coriander 1 bowl 1 spoon Measure out all the dry ingredients into your bowl. Add your energy into them by mixing the ingredients with your fingertips. When you feel they are well mixed and you are content, add the oils and other liquid ingredients and mix with a spoon until all dry ingredients are damp. Use as needed...simmer with water as potpourri or..use it however you wish. When I made this I simply couldn't get the smell off my hands. Not for days. No matter how many times I washed. But when I made it into bath salts and soap the smell hardly showed up at all. It only seems to show up when you seem to need it and then a person can't get enough of it and they smell it and smell it until it's ALL they smell.



Mix together 1 oz of chickweed (reduces inflammation and aids in healing), 1 oz of wormwood (a great pain reliever), and 1 ounce of yarrow (an anti-bacterial agent that also helps relieve pain). The yarrow plant contains achillein and achilleic acid. These substances reduce the clotting time of blood, so they help stop any bleeding. Yarrow also has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties that are similar to aspirin. Add the mixture of herbs to 2 pints of olive oil and simmer 3 hours. Strain and add 3 ounces of beeswax and 1 teaspoon of tincture of benzoin. Test for consistency before pouring into wide mouth containers.



Place 1 ounce of the buds in 1 pint of hot olive oil and allow to simmer, covered, 3 hours. Strain and add 1-1/2 oz of beeswax and 1/2 tsp. tincture of benzoin to the strained mixture. Test for consistency and place in sterile jar. This is a good salve to use on burns, scratches, swelling injuries. Also good for any skin eruptions. The signature of balm of Gilead is the resin exudation covering the buds. It contains salicin, which is also found in aspirin. It has some of the same pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties as aspirin.



Base: Grain alcohol, witch hazel, glycerin Add herbs and/or essential oils: Some suggested herbs - Floral herbs such as: Lavender flowers, rose petals; Citrus herbs such as: orange or lemon peels Instructions: Basically, you're making a weak tincture of herbs that either smell nice together, or are beneficial to the skin. Choose your herbs, just enough to loosely fill the bottom ½ of a jar, pour grain alcohol and/or witch hazel to cover the herbs. Cover and place in a dark fairly cool place. Shake the jar once or twice a day for 2 - 3 weeks. Strain out herbs; if desired add eo or fo. Add distilled water to fill the remainder of the jar, shake to mix well, and decant into a dark glass bottle.



Red candle. Red and gold talc. Patchouli, mandrake, musk. Increases your sexuality.



To be added to scrub water, or as a method of ritual consecration. Crush 1/2 oz of white rose petals in 16 oz of spring water. Let the rose petals steep for three days, strain and bottle the liquid for use.



Items needed: --1 ounce bourbon 1 ounce vodka 3 ounces sloe gin orange juice 1 pinch allspice Add the first three ingredients in order to a tall glass of ice. Fill the glass with orange juice and add a pinch of allspice. As you stir, chant: "Fire of lust and fire of passion Bring to me some satisfaction Lust unbridled I desire, Bring me now what I require" Share the drink with the person you desire.



Money Powder Mix equal amounts of the following herbs together: Chamomile, marigold, hyssop, jasmine, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cinquefoil. combine all herbs with your hands empowering them with your energy and your need. Sprinkle in your purse, wallet, mailbox, anywhere you might expect to receive money. Rub It on your money before you spend it to call it back to you. Create a money spell, using green candles and this money powder on your altar.



4 parts of lard 3 ounces of lye 5 cups of water 1 tablespoon of lavender oil 1 tablespoon of patchouli oil 1 cup of fresh strawberry juice 1/4 cup of dried soap bark herb Soap made from jewelweed juices removes all itches.



4 tbsp. Boneset 3 Sprigs of Holy Thistle Handful of Angelica 4 oz. Horehound Pinch of Salt 3 parts Sandalwood 3 Roots of Mandrake Brew and sprinkle to all four corners of the House to drive away Evil.



4 part Rue 6 oz. Rosemary 3 oz. Vetivert 2 tbsp. Hyssop Sprig of Mistletoe Don't Drink This! Brew these ingredients and anoint each window and door of the house. Sprinkle the rest on the four corners of the house to prevent Evil from coming.



2 oz. Agrimony Pinch of Belladonna Root of Mandrake 2 oz. Cinnamon 1 oz. Peppermint 4 oz. Chamomile



combine: 1 TBS cayenne powder 1 TBS wormwood 1 TSB tansy flower 8 ounces vinegar Warm gently to dissolve the powders, then cool and strain through cheesecloth. Next, add 1/2 oz of spirits of camphor and 8 oz of turpentine to the herbal/vinegar mixture. You now have a super liniment. Its secret is in its potency as a rubefacient, or substance that stimulates the blood flow to the surface of the skin.



Can be used when you want to intensify a spell. Simply purchase a bottle of ink, either black or colored, and add 2 or 3 drops of appropriate essential oil to the bottle. Let the bottle of ink set on your altar overnight. This is best done on the Full Moon for positively-charged ink. Can be done on the Dark Moon for negatively-charged ink. You can add steeped lavender flowers to blue ink and add a drop of red coloring dye to make lavender ink for love spells.



1 part dragon's blood powder 15 part alcohol 1 part Arabic



Dragon's Blood resin (powered if possible) --colorless alcohol (vodka works well) --tightly sealable jar --1 cinnamon stick (chipped) or 15 clovers or 1 vanilla bean (chipped or crushed) --9 coffee beans Pour the resin and spices into jar. Pour in just enough vodka to cover the resin/spices mixture plus 10% more. Seal the jar. The resin will reach it's color into the alcohol, faster if it is a powder than if it is resin chunks. The spices well leach their scent into the ink at the same time. When you think it is dark enough, dip a sterile toothpick into the liquid, and test on the paper you intend to use it on. Let dry: if it is dark enough or does it need more steeping? Continue testing. When it is done, strain to remove the resin and spices. Put in bottle, use for writing. It should not be used for things that will spend time in the sun.



--1 part dragon's blood 2 drops cinnamon 2 drops bay --10 parts alcohol 1 part gum Arabic 2drops rose oil Dove's Blood Ink is typically used for love spells. Mystical Inks are traditionally used for the writing of spells, magickal requests, petitions, wished, and the inscription of Mystical Seals. You can use Dove's Blood Ink for writing in your Book of Shadows, or for writing love spells. It is also used for thanking the Higher Powers for their assistance or aid. Dragon's Blood is an herb, and used for incense spells and make ink.



Valerian Wine -red or white wine with valerian root or leaves infused for a month and drained --2 handful valerian roots 1 clove 1 Orange rind 1 rosemary twig --1 liter of dry white wine Cut valerian root into small pieces, and place them in a large clear glass container. Add the clove, the grated orange rind, and rosemary twig. Pour the dry white wine over the dry mixture. Seal the container tightly and allow to steep for one moon cycle (28 days). Then strain through gauze cloth, store in a bottle and seal tightly. Drink 1 liqueur glass three times daily. Also recommended for faintness.

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