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A spell to open the third eye. Fill a small purple bag (or a piece of cloth that you can wrap herbs in and tie up) with as many of the following herbs as you can: --mugwort acacia honeysuckle peppermint rosemary thyme yarrow --cloves dandelion lilac lavender Calendula - (marigold) Gather the edges of the cloth and tie a string around it if you are using a cloth, or if you used a small purple bag, tie it shut. (Drawstring bags work best.) Using a dark violet marker, draw an eye on the front of the bag. Rub the bag on the third eye Chakra (forehead) whenever performing divination or needing psychic sight, and sleep with it under your pillow every night.



You will need: pink candle photo of your partner/friend crystal ball or magnifying glass First, light a pink candle. Now, holding a photo that clearly shows your partner's face, look into his or her eyes. You can look deeper into the eyes and beyond, into the mind, by placing a crystal ball or a magnifying glass on top of the image. Speak directly to the photo or through the object you have chosen to magnify it with. The eyes, mouth, and facial features in the image will move in such a way that it appears you are speaking directly, face-to-face, to the person you're trying to contact. At this point you have made the connection. Tell the person what it is that you want, or ask a question. The response will come to you telepathically. Blow out the candle and wave the photo through its smoke from north to south and from west to east. Return the photo to where you normally keep it.



After Chakra cleansings in the evening by the ocean or a large body of water like a river or lake or pond. As the sun sets so your bad fortune will drain away. Hold a stone or object that you find and feel is appropriate and project all the nasty slimy and inky feeling you picked up from this person into it. Really focus on letting all your emotions about it as well and let them flow into the rock. When you have done this say: "I release this astral slime And all darkness which is not mine I let go of all that may have harmed My aura is bright all negativity released And I am charmed" Now throw the rock into the water preferably as the sun drops below the horizon and be conscious of its fading light taking away your bad feelings from this person. You can do this spell on then first night of the waning moon (after a full moon) for seven nights if you really feel tainted. Also Place 1/2 cup vinegar, a bunch of fresh or rosemary and 1 tablespoon of sea salt in your bath. Light a white and a blue candle. Imagine yourself surrounded by blue light, giving you positive energy. Visualize all of the negative energy and astral slime leaving your body through every pore.



Ingredients: Purple bag or cloth Vervain Dragon's blood resin Rosemary Frankincense Galangal or ginger root High John oil, personal power oil or Dragon's blood oil 1 Clear quartz crystal A personal talisman Purple Candle Directions: I suggest making up your own directions and spell for this one because it is a very personal pouch. Add ingredients or objects that have meaning to you. One suggestion: Try to sew on some small semi-precious stone chips or a stitched personal symbol.



Below is a simple three step method for self-hypnosis.

STEP ONE - PRE-SLEEP TECHNIQUE When you go to bed, starting tonight and continuing for the next seven days, just before you are ready to fall asleep, give yourself the following suggestion ten times: "Every day in every respect, I get better and better" While you are saying the suggestion, imagine yourself in any way you can, getting better and better. In order not to fall asleep or to lose count, every time you say the suggestion press down with each finger of your right hand. Then, continue with your left hand until you have completed the suggestion ten times. This may be your first attempt at learning to effectively program yourself through suggestion. It is of the utmost importance to do this exercise every night without falling asleep until you have completed ten repetitions. You are beginning to establish a habit pattern of properly programming yourself by giving yourself positive suggestions before going to sleep. The next day, you will find yourself reacting very positively to that suggestion.

STEP TWO - INDUCTION Continue doing step one, the Pre-Sleep Technique you learned last week. In addition, you are to do the following: Twice a day - once in the morning or at noon, and once in the early evening - you will hypnotize yourself, stay in hypnosis for two to three minutes, and then wake yourself up. Here's how : *Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported. *Focus your attention - effortlessly - on a spot opposite you, slightly above eye level. *Take three deep breaths - slowly. As you inhale your third breath, hold it for three full seconds as you count backwards: *Close your eyes, exhale, RELAX, and allow yourself to go into a deep, sound, hypnotic rest. You are to remain in hypnosis for approximately two - three minutes by counting down slowly from twenty - five to one. (Note: It will help if you allow yourself to visualize or imagine each number being written on a blackboard or shown on a computer as you count backward.) To awaken, just count forward from one to three - and you will awaken refreshed and alert, ready to go about your business in an energetic way. Do this exercise twice a day for seven days, after which you will be ready to give yourself beneficial suggestions.

STEP three - PROGRAMMED SUGGESTION The third step in self-hypnosis is to be started one week after you complete the exercises for step 1 and step two. Once you start step three, you no longer have to do step two. For step three, you need a 3x5 card or a business card, which you can easily carry with you at all times. You are to write the suggestion you've prepared for yourself which meets the criteria of being positive, simple, believable, measurable - and it should carry a reward. Always state your suggestion in the present tense. Again, sit down and chooses a spot opposite you, slightly above eye level. Hold the card in front of the spot and read the suggestion to yourself three times. Make sure the words on the card are believable to you and allow yourself to imagine accomplishing what is written on the card. Use your imagination. You have written your suggestion on a card - chosen your spot - read the suggestion to yourself three times - now, take your first deep breath. Exhale. Take your second deep breath. Exhale. Now take your third deep breath - hold it - close your eyes - count backwards from three to one. Exhale and go deep into hypnosis. At this point, instead of counting backwards from twenty - five to one, allow the suggestion to repeat over and over in your subconscious mind. At the same time, imagine that you are carrying out your suggestion. You'll find that at times the words start to break up and become fragmented. That's perfectly okay. The important words or phrases will come through to you. In approximately two - three minutes you'll have a feeling it's time to stop and wake up. (Note: this time was set when you established a habit pattern in Step two .) At this point, just count forward: your eyes and go about your business, feeling refreshed and relaxed in every way. Note: Give yourself time to allow the suggestions to take hold. It can take up to two weeks to start getting the benefits related to your suggestion.



Light candle of any color, preferably yellow, green, or blue. Get out a piece of paper. As you're gazing into the candle, chant: "Oh Goddess and God of old, Help me to write on this paper bold, For only me to see Help this paper remind me! So mote it be!" Draw a pentagram on the paper like you usually would, starting at the top. On the very top point draw the rune of Jera. The top right draw the rune of Ansuz. Bottom right draw rune of Mannaz. Bottom left draw rune of Hagall. Top left draw rune of Gifu. Imagine your energies pouring into the paper and fold five times. Snuff out the candle and than the goddess. Keep the paper in contact with your skin at all times.



Fill one jar with the following: Cinnamon [for dream Magick] Nutmeg [for good luck] Allspice [healing] Ginger [lunar Magick] Basil [protection] Fennel seeds [spiritual healing] Garlic [spiritual purification] Marjoram [protection] Sage [spiritual purification] Cloves [protection] Mustard seed [protection] Before you do any scrying or any kind or psychic work, inhale the scent deeply and shake the jar gently.



You Will Need: -- Protection Incense (herbs or oils work fine also) Black 8" Taper Candle It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for three days. If you must put away your tools, try to at least keep your spell candle out in the open. This spell is used to protect yourself from mental attacks. Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may use in addition to your spell candle. Love or protection incense is recommended (herbs or oils can also be used). While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of your work. Bathe in purification herbs, or with your favorite bath salts. While you are bathing, concentrate again on the purpose of your spell. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. After bathing, go to your work area. Cast a circle and light some incense. Envision a large, white ball of light surrounding you, your work area, and your home. Hold the candle between the palms of your hands and direct all of your positive energy into the candle. Place the candle in its candle holder. Prior to lighting the candle, say (either aloud, or to yourself): "This candle represents protection over me in all things" Light the candle and say (either aloud or to yourself): "As the light of this flame grows, I can feel the light and positive energy around me. As this candle burns, everything around me is blessed with light and love. I am blessed with light and love. Negative energy is being banished." Sit back and watch the candle burn. Keep visualizing the white ball of light and protection around you. Envision your Higher Power blessing you and protecting you from harm. See yourself blessing whoever or whatever it is that brings harm to you. Bless them so that they may be happy and will no longer wish to cause you harm. Feel the peace and love. When the candle had burned 1/3 of the way, say "As the flame of the candle is extinguished--evil, negativity, and harm towards me is banished." Extinguish the candle- don't blow it out, though! Just muffle it or pinch the flame out, many believe blowing a candle out diverts the energy and shows disrespect. Repeat this for two more nights. On the last night, after the candle has burned away and the leftover wax has cooled, discard the wax in the garbage to symbolize throwing away that which causes you harm.



Physical relaxation sets the stage for using your psychic faculties to intervene in the body's many functions. Close your eyes, slow down your breathing and allow your muscles to relax from the forehead down followed by the affirmation: "I am now in full charge of my body. I am capable of influencing every function, mental and physical. All rejuvenating energies of my being are now at my command." Even when stress is reduced through relaxation, certain residual effects tend to linger. By visualizing the major systems and organs of the body and mentally infusing them with rejuvenating energy you can extinguish the residual effects of stress on the body. Energizing the body's systems and .organs is accomplished by centering full awareness on various body regions and mentally bathing them with glowing energy while using the following affirmation: "Youthful, invigorating energy is now flowing throughout my body. All organs systems and functions are now revitalized. The wear-and-tear of stress is now replaced by the flow of youth and vigor." With the body physically relaxed and the residual effects of stress relieved, an empowering state of full balance is possible through a technique called the Fingerpad Engagement Procedure. Designed to balance left- and right-brain functions, this procedure attunes the mind and body-a condition essential to rejuvenation. Bring the tips of your fingers together; then with the fingerpads in accomfortable position, with your eyes closed, imagine your hands as antennae for your brain. Imagine your left brain actively generating positive energy, which flows into your right hand as an extension of that hemisphere. Next, imagine your right brain producing positive energy which flows into your left hand as an extension of that hemisphere, Allow the energies flowing into your hands to mingle and create a powerful exchange that balances your mental and physical systems. After a few moments, disengage your fingerpads and allow your hands to relax, palms side up. Conclude with the following affirmation: "My total being is balanced and infused with rejuvenating energy. The energies of youth are now unleashed to flow throughout my being. I am completely attuned within myself and with the world." This is the final and most critical step in the rejuvenation process. Visualize or look at a photograph of yourself in your youthful prime. Study this image, carefully noting the youthfulness in your eyes. Now close your eyes and visualize yourself at the peak of youth standing before a full-length mirror. Study your eyes in the mirror and observe a youthful gleam. Next, surround yourself with a glow of energy, then think of your favorite color. Finally, while breathing slowly and rhythmically, soak in the rejuvenating glow enveloping your body. Conclude with this affirmation: "My powers of rejuvenation are now being unleashed to permeate my total being with the glow of youth and vigor. Every system within is now being revitalized with the infusion of rejuvenating power. Tired, worn tissue is being fortified with the energies of youth. Every function of my body is now fully infused as sparkling youthful energy is absorbed into every cell and fiber. Surrounded by a colorful aura of rejuvenating energy, I am now secure in the present, bathed in vitality and the glow of youth. My inner rejuvenating powers are fully and completely unleashed to flow freely throughout my total being. Each day, my mind and body absorb the abundance of youthful energy that is constantly being unleashed within my being. Whenever I envision myself enveloped with the colorful glow of radiant energy, I will immediately become invigorated and fully empowered." This rejuvenation procedure can be repeated daily, or as often as you wish. You may want to place a small, self-adhesive star or other reminder on your mirror, computer, or TV as a cue to periodically re-activate the inner flow of rejuvenating energy. With practice, the process of combining visualization with affirmations and tapping into the dormant powers of rejuvenation within you will become a natural, spontaneous and continuous function.



Psychic First Aid And Healing We've all had days when psychic first aid would have been nice because of nightmares, numerous physical injuries, chronic illness, sudden psychological shock, or working in a stress-filled environment. The basic psychic first aid kit contains the following items: Rescue Remedy or equivalent Blessing herbs, such as rosemary, peppermint, thyme, bergamot, sage, cinnamon, or sweetgrass. Drawing herbs, such as Indian tobacco, and American tobacco (do not use standard cigarettes, which have too many additives). Your Athame Salt or sea salt Censer or other item to safely burn charcoal and herbs Matches, lighter, or flint to light the charcoal Small bowl for water and salt You might also want to include: Feather or fan to move the herb smoke Broom (cinnamon brooms are a favorite) Rattle or bell Magical cords from your initiation Stones, crystals, or pieces of metal that help you focus and direct power Grounding stones, such as hematite or Sodalite

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