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In ancient Greece, true healers, those who sought to cure the whole person, body, mind,
and soul, were followers of Hygeia, the goddess of health and healing.
Nature and a healthy mind are powerful healers because the entire healing process
exists within the body. When you use external treatments to attain wellness, you are
activating natural, inner resources that normally serve to make you well without any
outside help at all. The body can magically heal itself, provided you know what to do to
keep it running at maximum efficiency. Hygeian healing uses preventive measures to
enhance internal resistance to disease.

You can promote healing by getting appropriate exercise and rest, holding good thoughts
and mental images, fostering positive spiritual beliefs and practices, and eating less fat
and protein and more grains, fresh fruits, and veggies. Hygeian tonics are especially
effective for enhancing and toning the natural healing system and neutralizing harmful
influences in the body.

GARLIC lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, is a powerful antiseptic tic,
antibiotic, and anticancer agent, and protects liver and brain cells.
Add fresh garlic in any form to your food daily.

GINGER, known in ancient China and India, tones, uplifts, and warms the
system, stimulates digestion and circulation, calms upset stomach, and relieves
nausea, aches, and pains. Ginger can be eaten in candied slices, honey-based
syrups, encapsulated, or drunk as a tea.

GREEN TEA, the national beverage of Japan, protects the body against heart
disease and cancer. It offers a benign form of caffeine along with great benefits
as a general tonic. Try green tea instead of the usual coffee, black tea, or cola
for a healthy pick-me-up.

MILK THISTLE, an old European folk remedy, detoxifies and enhances liver function.
Alcohol, pharmaceutical and/or recreational drug users or those who have suffered
exposure to toxic substances should take this herb regularly.

ASTRACALUS is a popular Chinese herb used to treat colds, flu, and chronic infections
such as bronchitis, sinusitis, and AIDS. It restores immunity, and increases vitality and
resistance to disease. Take encapsulated astragalus if you lack energy or feel stressed.

GINSENG, usually recommended for men, is stimulating, sexually energizing, can improve
the appetite, aid digestion, tone the skin and muscles, and balance hormones in women.
It is a great rejuvenator for the tired, the elderly, and the chronically ill. Ginseng comes in
candies, teas, wines, and elixirs.

DONG QUAI is a Chinese herb, used predominantly by women to build blood, increase
circulation, and regulate menstrual and reproductive disorders. Try dong quai in tincture
or capsule form to restore balance.

MAITAKE MUSHROOMS are highly esteemed for their healing properties.
Add maitake tablets or capsules to your diet to protect your body against cancer,
AIDS, chronic fatigue, hepatitis, allergies, environmental illness.



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