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You will need a small votive candle and holder (white is always good, but use color if you feel called to do that) an incense stick, cone, or herbs (such as sage or thyme) to burn a small container of water a small container of salt I find that a sugar and creamer set works very well for this. These can be purchased quite reasonably and set aside just for this use. This is a ritual which connects you to the deepest levels of healing. It also connects you to the four elements and their energies. In this way it is most helpful for dealing with the shamanic elemental energies of Nature.

The candle represents the element of Fire The incense or herbs represent Air The container of water is Water The container of salt is Earth. Beyond that, these elements reflect your own needs. The element of Fire reflects your relationships, protection, ideas and achievements. The element of Air reflects your creativity, spirituality, inspiration and philosophies. The element of Water reflects your emotions, intuition, dream states, psychic gifts, and healing balance. The element of Earth reflects your practicality, knowledge, sacred wisdom, and growth.

Find a quiet time and place where you will not be disturbed. You may make this as ceremonial or as informal as you choose. Light the incense and take a few moments to consider the element of Air. Consider the gifts that Air reflects in you. Light the candle and take a few moments to consider the element of Fire. Consider the gifts that Fire reflects in you. Take a few moments to consider the element of water and how it reflects in you. Take a few moments to consider the element of Earth and how it reflects in you.

Very gently, pour the water into the container of salt. If you are using herbs as an incense, you may sprinkle a few in the water and salt mixture. Stir the salt and water with your fingers. Consider the blending of elements that creates life itself. Consider the balance of elements and their attributes in your life.

Take a few moments to do this. Facing the candle, dip your fingers in the water mixture and touch your forehead (3rd eye area). Say: "Bless me Mother, for I am your child." (The original was written for the Goddess as Mother. Another deity name can be substituted here, or simply say "Spirit.") Now dip your fingers in the water mixture and touch the area around your eyes carefully. Say: "Bless my eyes that I may see you." Dip again and touch your nose. Say: "Bless my nose that I may breathe your essence." Dip again and touch your ears. Say: "Bless my ears that I may hear your wisdom." Dip again and touch your mouth. Say: "Bless my mouth that I may speak your name." Dip again and touch your heart. Say: "Bless my heart that I may feel your love." Dip again and touch your lower abdomen. Say: "Bless my cauldron center that I may create harmony." Dip again and touch your feet. Say: "Bless my feet that I may walk in balance." Dip again and rub your hands together. Say: "Bless my hands that I may share your healing in my work." Take all the time you need to concentrate on the elements before you. Focus your attention on the candle and visualize healing light flowing into you. Feel strength emerging from deep inside yourself. Breathe deeply and capture that moment. Connect with the source of strength and healing.

When you feel you are finished, blow out the candle. It is good to leave the incense burning if you can. Air is accommunicating element, and smoke is transformation. The incense carries the messages of healing and strength to Spirit. If you have used herbs, it is good to return the ashes to Nature. In this way, you are grounding the energy, bringing the message and the transformation to earth. Make sure the ashes are cold; then place them at the roots of a tree or bush if possible. If not, place them in soil or sand.

The salt and water mixture can be used very effectively in several ways. You may wash your gemstones or other stones in this. Crystals love this, since their energy is so personally connected to yours. You may save the mixture and dab a little on your third-eye area every day for a few days, as a reminder. You may pour the mixture into your bath for a gentle energizer. When the bathwater drains, visualize a connection between yourself and the energies of Mother Ocean. You may return the mixture to earth by pouring it on soil or sand. Remember, plants don't thrive in salt; so keep the mixture clear of plants. You may sprinkle the mixture throughout your house to seal in positive energies and protection.




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