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Make sure you have space to move around, are in a comfortable place to lie down, and are assured of whatever privacy you need. Music that invokes sensuality and clothing which makes you feel attractive are helpful tools. You may begin by casting a circle and/or invoking the Four Elements.

Begin by invoking the Sex Goddess of your choice. I call upon Freya, the Norse cat sex Goddess. I invoke Her with the following words. I call upon you, Freya, Goddess of sensual delight and abundance show me the beauty of my body help me to hear your beauty smell your beauty taste your beauty feel your beauty from my toes to my head. Show me the wonders of your world help me grow in beauty and manifest my desire from the earth to the sky. Dance a little to the music; imagine you are a tree, waving your limbs in the wind, feeling the earth on your toes. Play like a birch in the wind. Or, try a blessing of yourself or your partner focusing on your hair.

Chant: Soft as water, free as air Shiny as leaves, my sacred hair. The sacred hair that covers me is full of magic, bound or free. Or you can try crawling around on all fours, as a bear, goat, or other animal which is meaningful to you. Imagine yourself as the beast that you are; sniff your partner or yourself; make the sounds you imagine you would make while rutting. Let yourself go! If your ritual involves either masturbation or intercourse, try using your orgasm as a magical tool. During orgasm, imagine yourself becoming the person that you want to be, achieving the lifestyle you want, or transforming your environment. The energy you release through your bodily sensations is then freed to go out into the earth body and make the changes you desire.

When you feel satisfied, with or without orgasm, lie still on the ground. Breathe deeply and feel your blood flowing through your limbs. Slowly stand and thank the Goddess. I like to say: My pleasure is power, My body a cup, Oh, Great Goddess, You fill me up! You may then thank the elements and close the circle. Invoking a sex goddess charges your magical work. Lately I have invoked Freya in my masturbatory journeys with interesting results. Freya's familiars are cats, and I have discovered that I am cat-like in my sexuality as well! For example, I love to be stroked, but am skittish and often need to be solitary. When the moon is full and my tides rush in, I pounce! Freya was also mocked at a feast of the gods in Asgard for making love to goats and pigs - a woman after my own fantasies! The Goddess has consecrated my initiation into sex magic; through my skin, muscles, and hair She has helped me to let go of my inhibitions, my fear of what other people might think, my worry and pain.

If you let go into your animal-self, you never know what might happen. you might begin to eat joyously and ravenously, or bark hoarsely in the rain. Or you may feel a sudden desire for that maple tree in your backyard. Or, you may simply enjoy sex as the Great Mother intended: as a celebration of creation. In all beginnings She is present. May the orgasms of the Goddess flow through you like rainbow rain.




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