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On the New Moon each month, you have 24 hours to work this magic ritual.
It is to attract money and other material goods, as well as better health, love and career conditions.
You need to make a 'wish-list' each month with up to nine wishes, good until the next New Moon.
You may ask the Universe for anything, but do not expect instant results!
You can repeat the list or any part next month. The more complicated (or expensive) the wish -
the more time it may need for the Angels to gather it in for you.
Also if you never get it, it never was yours to have!
Your list A treasure map: cut out and paste on a green paper/cardboard pictures for your wish list.
(Good to use in total, are the flyers from sweepstakes with Houses, cars, cash etc., pictures are
thought forms which become magnets)
Next an abundance check; create a blank check form and fill in the date as: NOW, pay to:
Your name, amount: Paid in full, from: The Universal Storehouse.
A white tea or votive candle.
Spread your paper stuff in a safe place - (the bath tub), set the candle on a saucer in the
center and surround it with all the cash money you have at home as seed model, but far out
of reach from the candle!
Light the candle while reciting a prayer of your choosing and turning in the directions of the
four Arch Angels, addressing them: South - Michael, West - Gabriel, North - Uriel and
East Raphael, also Chamuel - who is on another level of the Hierarchy the Guardian of
all material benefits to the planet Earth and Master Hilarion for special healing needs.
Ask for blessings of your wishes and make sure you ask for nothing harmful for you or another!
Karma never sleeps! Ask for nothing which belongs to somebody else (like a person or a job).
Always give thanks in advance, knowing the Angels will work on it for you and get it to you as
soon as possible. Never blow out the candle or let a draft extinguish it, you cannot re-light it, it
must be totally consumed! That's why you must never reuse one or use too big a candle which
will not burn out during the New Moon time. So mote it be!




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