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The following is an effective and simple spell to encourage the end of a relationship if you are no longer interested in the person as a lover. a black candle a white candle salt, water dragon's blood incense and a picture of the person you wish to end the relationship with. It also helps if you have something of theirs (a ring, watch, etc. that they will wear at a later time, and wear often). Arrange all these items on a table or altar somewhere quiet that you will not be disturbed. Write your name and his side by side on a piece of paper. Before casting this spell, it is important that you realize the meaning behind the various things involved.

Each item represents something, and all four elements (earth, air, fire and water) are also represented. (1) The white candle represents good will, as you do not wish the person any harm, you are just no longer interested in a lover's relationship with them. (2) The black candle represents 'ending' or 'finality'. This signifies the ending of the relationship as it currently is. ** Both candles represent the element of fire. (3) The dragon's blood incense represents the element air. (4) The bowl of water represents the element of water. (5) The salt sprinkled around your table represents the element of earth. (6) The picture and personal items from the person help you to concentrate on the person, and the item that they might wear later will further infuse them with the power of the spell. Now, to cast the spell: Light the candles and incense, going around the table from North to West to South to East (this represents diminishment or decrease, and you wish to decrease the love binding you and your boyfriend/girlfriend.)

Cast a circle, paying tribute to the lord/lady/dragon/guardian of each of the watchtowers, again going from NWSE in direction. Repeat the following chant 3 times, and on the third time tear the paper that you've written your names on in half. "O fire and flame of candle dark, I call your power to free his/her heart. As I tear this paper with our names inscribed, separate his/her (name) love from me apart. Bring to him/her not one ounce of charm, but fall him/her to another's charms. Nevermore as lovers shall we two be, but forever in friendship may we meet. As I will it, so mote it be." Take the two pieces of paper with the names, and burn yours in the flame of the white candle, and burn his/hers in the flame with the black candle - when they burn down far enough that you can't hold them any longer, drop them in the bowl of water. Ground the power and close the circle! This is very important. I usually do this by turning my palms downward and saying "Circle open, but not broken - power down, to the ground". The spell is finished, except that you must allow both the white and black candles to burn completely down(I like to use votive candles for this reason, so they don't have to burn so long). If you like, you can take a small silk purse or felt bag and place the burnt pieces of paper, ashes from the incense, salt from the table or altar's surface, and a few drops of water from the bowl in the bag and keep it until you are certain the spell has worked. It also works well if you write the spell on parchment paper, sprinkle some of the ashes on the paper then fold it so none of the ashes can fall out and seal the fold of the paper with wax dripped from both candles.




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