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all through time, and in every culture there have been deities dedicated to love. from the shy mutual attraction, to serious flirtation, there is a god out there who fits the bill. there are a number of ways of petitioning the deities ~ offerings of incense, flowers, fruit, sacrifice (usually a lock of hair or a drop of blood) or by dedicating oneself to their service for a length of time. the easiest way is by prayer, which are quite simply spells, spoken or thought to focus the mind and will on a desired goal, and to ask the assistance of the powers that be in attaining that goal ISIS AND OSIRIS Osiris and his wife Isis are said to have brought civilization to the then savage land of Egypt. between them they taught agricultural, created the first musical instruments and laid down the foundations for religious observances.

Osiris hated violence, it was his compassion and sweetness that brought him success, his enemies were simply disarmed by the gentle strength of his personality. while her husband was away charming everyone, Isis governed Egypt to perfection. she embodied fertility, wisdom and female magic, and it was she who restored Osiris' body to life after set killed him Isis and Osiris symbolize perfected married happiness, they are equals in power and ability, devoted to each other and wise in the care of their children. those wishing for such qualities in their own relationship can say a simple pray to the pair at sunrise and sunset "wise Isis, gentle Osiris, may your love and devotion echo in my love and life" corn, grapes and acacia are special to Osiris, while the lotus, figs, myrrh and dates are appropriate for Isis, share the fruits as a love feast to confirm your love, and wear the ankh, the ancient symbol of life to keep it fresh and strong.




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