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THE LOVE DREAM (Hypericum)

This was copied into a grimoire with no reference given. It is the amatory version of an ancient spell, "Dreaming True", that teaches how to communicate with the dead. In this version, it is recommended that the charm be performed on July 22, St. Magdalen's eve or Habondia's Day (the Germanic Goddess of hearth and home), May Eve, near Hallows, when the veil is thinnest, or at Lammas, another traditional time for working spells of love. This spell features hypericum, St. John's Wort. First: Prepare the spell materials. Cast and purify your circle under a waxing moon, preferably at a love (Venus) hour on Moonday or Freyaday. Inscribe your beloved's name on exorcised parchment of art with your pen and ink of art.

When you are ready to work the spell, tuck the parchment under your pillow with a sachet of hypericum. Second: Prepare the dream environment. Fumigate your bedroom with: LUNAR DREAM INCENSE: camphor, jasmine, powdered aloe-wood, pulverized cucumber seed, powdered white sandalwood. Also, leave a pen and pad by the bed to record your dream. Third: Prepare your dreaming philter. To 1/2 cup distilled water add 3 drops white wine, 3 drops gin, 3 drops apple vinegar; stir with a rosemary twig. Fourth: Prepare your physical body and notify your subconscious mind. Prepare an amatory bath of the following herbs. Bath herbs or oils, equal parts: lavender, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, and powdered poppy seed. After you have placed the sachet under your pillow and kindled the incense, step into the bath and fantasize to your heart's content. When you are relaxed and sleepy, dry yourself and drink the potion, affirming nine times your intention to recall your dream. When you awake, write down the dream and meditate upon it. Your dream will predict your lover and your course together.




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