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Take 3grams orange flowers, 2 grams true lavender, 1 gram rose petals, 1gram jasmine, 1 gram ginger and grind them coarsely in a mortar. Use a small piece of cheese cloth to put the herbs into and run a hot bath placing the sachet in the running water. Once drawn, soak in this pre-ritual bath with the sachet in the water and just relax and clear your mind. Love wine simmer or stew (leave in pot cold for 3 days) 2 cups red wine, 2 tsp. rhubarb juice (which you can make yourself), 3 tsb Cinnamon, 2tsp Ginger, 1/2 tsb nutmeg and 2 cloves scored. Also add one one-inch piece of vanilla bean available from cookery shops scored along it's length. Simmer for 1 hour or leave for 3 days and serve! In the ritual, have 3 candles - one white, one red and one yellow - on the altar. Your source candle should be white and new (not previously used in ritual) and lit well before the ritual. Have your charcoal on a bed of sea salt scented with flower scents if possible.

Have all you ingredients and love wine ready. Cast the circle using the "In love and light I cast the circle round. May all within be safe and all ill intentions be only without. So mote it be." chant. Put the Love incense (2 parts sandalwood, 1/2 part basil, 1/2 part bergamot, small amount of rose petals, a few lavender flowers, and a few drops of those essential oils) on the charcoal and censor the circle and return it to the altar. Now, place the chalice with the love wine in the triangle of the 3 candles and then light them using a beeswax taper while visualizing someonecoming towards you. See them coming towards you with their arm outstretched towards you.

Now, crush the herbs for the love sachet first - 3 parts rose petals, 2 parts orange flowers, 1 part jasmine flowers, 1 part gardenia flowers - in a mortar using a pestle. While crushing, focus on your goal. Next, tie the herbs up in a piece of pink cloth. This should be worn to attract a love. Next, create the love powder to sprinkle on bedsheets and around bedroom. Finely crush 3 parts yarrow, 3 parts lavender, 2 parts rose petals and 1 part ginger. While crushing visualize that figure coming towards you again. Please try not to focus on any one particular person as this limits the scope of the spell. Now to finish, take the chalice with the wine, the sachet and the powder and pass them all through the smoke of the love incense. If this has finished, ad a bit more. Drink the wine while chanting in your mind "Magic wheel draw to my house the one for me to love." Close the circle and extinguish the candles. Sprinkle the powder, wear the charm and love will come your way




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