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Healing Gemstones


The traditional classification in the West, which goes back to the Ancient Greeks, begins with a distinction between precious and semi-precious stones; similar distinctions are made in other cultures. In modern usage the precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, with all other gemstones being semi-precious. This distinction reflects the rarity of the respective stones in ancient times, as well as their quality: all are translucent with fine color in their purest forms, except for the colorless diamond, and very hard, with hardnesses of 8–10 on the Mohs scale.

Anything and everything is a potential healer. To understand this, it is important to first have some sense of how the natural holistic healing process works. First off, when we speak about the body, we are including the subtle bodies (i.e. the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies). Some things are obvious, and some things are subtle (less obvious). "Subtle bodies" is just another way of referring to the experience that surrounds your thoughts, feelings, nuances, and emotions.

Other stones are classified by their color, translucency and hardness. The traditional distinction does not necessarily reflect modern values, for example, while garnets are relatively inexpensive, a green garnet called Tsavorite, can be far more valuable than a mid-quality emerald.

In modern times gemstones are identified by gemologists, who describe gems and their characteristics using technical terminology specific to the field of gemology. The first characteristic a gemologist uses to identify a gemstone is its chemical composition. For example, diamonds are made of carbon (C) and rubies of aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Next, many gems are crystals which are classified by their crystal system such as cubic or trigonal or monoclinic. Another term used is habit, the form the gem is usually found in. For example diamonds, which have a cubic crystal system, are often found as octahedrons.

Anything with an inherent harmony can act like a tuning fork to our poor patterns and challenge us to retune ourselves to return to the original organic natural patterns of energy that belong to our bodies. A good piece of art can work wonders, as well as music, dance, a pleasant person, or anything else exhibiting integrity in terms of energy patterns. Anything can heal us if we are open to suggestion by external tuning fork of another's harmony. Receptivity is a necessity. Being open to it is the key.

Gemstones are classified into different groups, species, and varieties. For example, ruby is the red variety of the species corundum, while any other color of corundum is considered sapphire. Another example are the Emerald (green), aquamarine (blue), red beryl (red), goshenite (colorless), heliodor (yellow), and morganite (pink), which are all varieties of the mineral species beryl.

Gemstones radiate pure patterns. Gemstones resonate with unmatched consistency. Gemstones sing their incredible songs of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency and can bring us back into harmony. Raw energy establishes patterns on an initial primal scale when it takes the form of subatomic particles. These particles combine and cooperate to produce atoms, molecules and minerals. Mother Nature ushers forth all that is possible in the natural world, building up its complexity from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom and on to the animal kingdom. As human beings, our bodies are an incredible and complex masterpiece of nature's organization and balance.

Gems are characterized in terms of refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, and luster. They may exhibit pleochroism or double refraction. They may have luminescence and a distinctive absorption spectrum. Material or flaws within a stone may be present as inclusions.

Plants also have their healing properties. They too perform a special magic in terms of reminding the body of harmonic patterns in regards to fluidity and flow. There energy is a moving one, while gemstones remain relatively the same and whose patterns are incorruptible. Each has its place. Herbal remedies are more connected to the sophistication of feelings with their fluid nature. Gemstones are more suited to tune the inherent pattern and are a reliable and consistent source of pure frequency and pattern. How does all this work on our bodies?

Nature repeats itself over and over again. Once it finds a pattern that works, it builds on it. Every kingdom and species less complex than our human form is in a sense a testing field for patterns and systems that work. We are all us, the entire natural world built with the same patterns—the same materials. This is how we can heal each other. The patterns are the same, yet the integrity can falter. Getting close to beings with a high integrity is good for us, and helps us to align to that integrity.

Each stone resonates with a slightly different pattern geometrically. These same geometric patterns reside in our systems, organs, etc. To hold a Rose Quartz up to our heart is to ask the structural patterns active in our subtle bodies to align themselves and operate effortlessly and with purity. Any unresolved heart issues will be challenged to break up, allowing us to let go of whatever is distorting our energies. One often experiences a flash of imagery around the past experience that initially caused the distortion.

Gemstones are living creatures. They are active participants in nature. Protons, neutrons and electrons are flying around in an absolute bliss of balance and participation, upholding patterns of sacred geometry. Yes, geometry is sacred because nothing could be built in the natural world without it. Biology is math. Nature is an exploration of possibility through patterns that work in balance, creating the living, behaving, and interactive world that we all live in—in and through.

Healing is often a matter of recovering our bodies inherent harmony by letting go of what we are holding onto— our own ideas about how, where, when, what and why—mental frameworks that have us behaving in inorganic ways. Our organic ways are right there to be expressed and experienced effortlessly. Mother Nature takes care of it all, if we can only learn to respect her and surrender to her wisdom—the wisdom of spontaneity, joy, accepting all others as equal, and together sharing in her abundance.

Gemstones may also be classified in terms of their "water". This is a recognized grading of the gem's luster and/or transparency and/or "brilliance". Very transparent gems are considered "first water", while "second" or "third water" gems are those of a lesser transparency.


Gemstone Birthstone Table


Keep in mind that our entire bodily system is nothing more than energy that shows up in various patterns and densities. Our thoughts and our feelings are connected to our physical bodies and have a density of their own. We are all built pretty much the same. Diversity has its place, and we are all individuals, yet nature created patterns that work the same in all of us to keep our hearts beating, our blood flowing, and so on. When these patterns of energy work together in a balanced way then we experience our health.

Another unscientific term for semi-precious gemstones used in art history and archaeology is hardstone. Use of the terms 'precious' and 'semi-precious' in a commercial context is, arguably, misleading in that it deceptively implies certain stones are intrinsically more valuable than others, which is not the case.

These patterns can be disrupted. When this happens we experience poor health. This can be anything from a headache to the worst that you can imagine in terms of poor health, even disease. Hence the popular splitting of the word (dis-ease) for harmony feels good and disharmony doesn't. Balance is easy on us, and imbalances feel not at ease, or dis-eased. Nature will heal itself if it can. It will if we let it. It is ourselves who distort this harmony with our lop-sided outlooks and behavior. Correcting this lop-sidedness one way or another is what healing is all about. Healing it in a natural way is much preferred.




Indian Agate Gemstone

INDIAN AGATE - No one till date has thought of writing about the Indian Agate Gemstone. Up until now the Indian Agate Gemstone only remained the stone of malas (garlands) for rishis, sadhus (holy men) and fakirs (sages ) or caught the eye in the West, where hippies made it their fashion jewelery, not knowing the marvelous astrocosmic and lunar effect that it has on human lives and their ruling star. Though the Indian Agate Gemstone and its multiple qualities were known to the ancient sages, the scriptures written by them were either destroyed or buried with them. As a custom, today’s rishis, sadhus and fakirs (Sages) opt to wear the agate stone without knowing about all of its hidden qualities.India is blessed with the gemstone in nature.


Amethyst Gemstone

AMETHYST - Benefits: It is traditionally considered, a great help, in getting rid of intoxication. It is even said that if you drink wine in a cup made of Amethyst, it will loose its intoxicating effect. This stone is believed to heal females suffering from gynaecological problems. Also widely used by people involved in occult sciences, as it is said to have impart strong spiritual powers. Who should wear Amethyst? The Greeks believed that use of this gem gave un-ending love and affection. Amethyst is a birthstone of people born in February but others may also wear it. This gem is useful in controlling one's tendency of getting distracted, switching so often from one activity to the other.


Aquamarine Gemstone

AQUAMARINE - Said to enhance one's attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. The gem increases beauty and calmness and it is widely used by astrologers worldwide. It is said to bring love and understanding.

Who Should Wear Aquamarine?
A beautiful gem which is most useful for those born under the Zodiac Sign Pisces. It also controls flaring of temper and regulating ego problems. It is highly recommended for those involved in humanitarian causes.


Aventurine Gemstone

AVENTURINE - This is the stone of opportunity. Aventurine is known as the stone of chance or luck. If you gamble or play the lotto, keep this stone in your left pocket. Aventurine is the stone of luck and chance. It is said to increase perception and creative insight. It is a heart chakra stone.Aventurine is an Aries stone that opens the Third eye chakra. It is a powerful mental healer that increases vitality and a positive outlook. Aventurine opens the Third eye chakra. It is often used to balance emotions and male or female energies.Red Aventurine opens the Root chakra. It can assist in creativity, and help you to see the possibilities in new opportunities.It is used to aid nearsightedness. Aventurine has a stabilizing effect on the emotions. It is excellent for teenagers.


Carnelian Gemstone

CARNELIAN - Also referred to as cornelian, itis found primarily in India, as well as various sites in South America. It is a variety of chalcedony. The most favorable pieces are a deep red to red-orange hue. Carnelian has a long and storied past, and was once considered strictly the property of the noble class. People holding a high social status were often buried with this gem stone.Carnelian is an energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they can come into their own. It is said to increase the appetite.


Citrine Gemstone

CITRINE - Citrine is sometimes used by healers to help with digestion as it is considered beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system - cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Citrine is an excellent stone to calm and soothe distressed conditions. Some use it to help relieve depression, digestive problems, constipation and diabetes. It will give joy and love to the owner.


Coral Gemstone

CORAL - Coral is considered magical in the realm of crystals and gemstones. Underwater, it is frequently visited by the mermaid (see magickal totems). Coral is a traditional gift for the expectant mother or newborn as a protective amulet. Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home. It is also considered a bolster remedy for physical disorders involving blood and bones, nourishing blood cells and strengthening the skeleton.
Healing properties vary depending on the color of the coral. Coral colors include black (male fertility), pink (female fertility), red (aids conception, mother-child bonding), white (assists psychic development in children), and blue (inner child).


Jasper Gemstone

JASPER - Its a nurturing stone, a good stone for the healers to use on the behalf of others. A good stone for people in counseling or therapy, who want to overcome addictions or compulsive behavior, and gather up their strength for the battles ahead. (emotional). Justice: Jasper was once considered a Warriors Stone, so it knows of loyalty, inner strength, and standing up for what you believe in. A power stone for those who stand for justice and fair play, especially useful for those whose job it is rectify unjust situations.


Labradorite Gemstone

LABRADORITE - Said to represent the "temple of the stars" , it brings clarity of thought, and the wisdom of other worlds and universes to us. It brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world, and each other. (to carry the message... to those who still suffer...) This stone is very good for enhancing night vision, and can be of great help in developing the ability to see auras.


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

LAPIS LAZULI - While it curtails the malefic effects of Saturn, Lapis Lazuli is used to fight depression and feeling of dullness. It is effective against skin diseases and ulcers (both internal and external) and many people have faith that it has the capacity to give unqualified success to one who wears it. Who should wear it?
This is especially good for ladies engaged in music, art, dance, drama etc. It gives one power to win over others by the power of love. The people who use it are never found to be wanting in money or love.


Moonstone Gemstone

MOONSTONE -This is a highly beneficial gem that can be used with great results by all who want to keep their cool and be less affected by the changes in their surroundings said to relieve one of insomnia and low fever. This helps in controlling tempers or excitement. This also gives better concentration of mind and helps in marital problems. In Medical Astrology this helps those suffering from heart ailments, gynaecological problems, epilepsy, mental ailments etc. Who should wear it? Considered to be gem of Moon it is best suited for people born under the zodiac sign Cancer. It is said to keep their erratic temperament under control.


Onyx Gemstone

ONYX - Enhances self mastery, steadfastness, and determination, setting ones mind to a task. It is grounding stone and can be used to deflect or absorb the negativity of others, and in that way is a good stone for protection from negative forces and influences. More powerful for people in recovery when combined with Amethyst - The Stone of Sobriety. Excellent stone for initiating the process of centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power. It helps us to absorb whatever energy we need from the Universe. Reduces Sexual desire. Balances and grounds. Not a "healing stone", rather it repels negative energy.


Peridot Gemstone

PERIDOT - Often confused with Emerald, Peridot is a beautiful transparent green stone that used to be worshipped by the people of Brazil.

Benefits: It enhances the power of Mercury, and thus Peridot is used to curb the problems caused by a weak mercury. The ancient Egyptian kings had immense faith in its powers and even believed that Peridot could break the evil spell and dig into the mysteries of the darkness.


Quartz Crystal Gemstone

QUARTZ CRYSTAL - This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. Keeps you in touch with your spiritual side, and reminds you that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. All spiritual pursuits can be stimulated and amplified using this stone's energy. It helps you to be receptive to higher guidance.

Easy to cleanse, store information or energy in, program or amplify energy and heal with. It can both draw and send energy. Powerful clear ones open Crown Chakra, good for meditation, sending or receiving guidance. Stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to resonate at new healing frequency. Works with all chakras and master gland.


Rose Quartz Gemstone

ROSE QUARTZ - Rose quartz is an excellent heart-healing gemstone. It is a nature remedy that can be used for treating any issue that needs emotional healing. Rose quartz is a pink-colored crystal that carries a very gentle and soothing energy and gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded.


Sodalite Gemstone

SODALITE - Sodalite is a stabilizing stone that soothes nervousness. It is also a wonderful mental healer, clearing the mind of confusion. Sodalite can be helpful to use in group settings to help everyone involved be in alignment on a single purpose or agenda. It can also brings personal clarification, helping to put words to your emotions.


Tigers Eye Gemstone

TIGER'S EYE - Tiger eye is a balancing stone that helps to calm fears and give perspective to upsetting circumstances. It can also help you become more attuned with planetary energies because it serves as a bridge linking sky and earth energies. Tiger eye offers light to dark energies. Tiger Iron (tiger eye with hematite) is an earthy grounding tool. As an amulet tiger eye offers both luck and protection.


Topaz Gemstone

TOPAZ - Blue in colour, this transparent and hard stone takes a high polish and makes a spectacular jewellery stone. Blue Topaz has uniform sky blue colour. Its colour is mostly pale but sometimes it is also intense blue in colour. Occasionally, coming with a grey or a greenish tinge, the Blue Topaz is mostly free of inclusions. Oval is the most common cut but mixed cut, step cut etc. are also used.

Benefits: It is a gem that induces sleep and rest. It keeps the temper cool and makes one generous and kind hearted. It improves the financial assets and gives financial stability. This gem enhances sincerity in all relations of life.


Golden Healing Pendulum

GOLDEN HEALING PENDULUMS - Pendulums are made from a variety of materials including crystals, wood, glass, and metals. They are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.
Healing pendulums dowse the body's chakras, or energy centers, releasing blocked chi (energy). Always perform pendulum healing in a meditative state.


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AGATE: (Moss) stimulates th solar plexus chakra and has a balancing effect upon the colon, circulatory system, pancreas, lymphatic system, and the sinuses.

AVENTURINE: effects the heart chakra and the thymus gland. Because of this, it can stimulate resolution of the causal pictures gained during early childhood which generate anxieties and fears during the present time.

BLOODSTONE opens and aligns the heart and base chakras. The etheric body is strengthened and more closely integrated with the physical body. This causes a balancing of the blood flows and circulatory system.

COPPER aligns the lover five chakras and opens the heart. The highly conductive nature of copper stimulates the electromagnetic properties of the physical and subtle bodies.

DIAMOND stimulates the crown chakra and aids in removing blockages in this area. It also helps to align the etheric body to the physical, also cleanses the subtle bodies and meridians.

EMERALD balances the heart chakra. It helps align the etheric astral and emotional bodies and strengthen the heart and kidney meridians.

FLORITE is a source of flouride. Its quality is structured and this makes it valuable in strengthening bone and dental tissue. It also aids in increasing the assimilation of life force into the body and strengthens the ability to perceive higher levels of reality.

GARNET helps to align the emotional body to the spiritual body. It stimulates the throat, heart and spleen chakras, and aids in developing a willingness to serve others while maintaining an awareness of self.

GOLD is a great balancer of the heart chakra and the thymus gland, which presides over the functions of the immune system. Gold is a universal symbol of value in the collective subconscious and promotes healing at a very deep level.

HEMATITE effects the spleen chakra and the meridian flows are increased. This iron ore has a strong correspondence with the hemoglobin in the body and is good for any blood problems.

IVORY stimulates the skeletal and bone structure. It inspires inner discipline, the ability to respond to one's desires. it stimulates the solar plexus chakra, and thus the emotional body.

JASPER creates a mild alignment of all the chakras, which stimulates telepathy and clairvoyance. It is an excellent stone for healers as it is a good general enhancer, balancing the healer's auric field.

LAPIS LAZULI (Lapis) is very energizing to the throat chakra. For this reason it is valuable in aid to personal articulation. It is excellent in meditation as a thought amplifier and broadcaster. It is good to wear lapis near the throat.

MALACHITE opens the heart chakra and also helps balance the solar plexus chakra. It is a good etheric healer. It stimulates the circulatory system, and aligns the etheric and emotional bodies.

MOONSTONE is a great balancing agent for the emotions as suggested by its strong connection with the moon. It also accentuates the receptive (feminine) qualities of the personality. It opens the abdominal chakra (solar plexus). The brow and crown chakras are also stimulated. Astral and emotional bodies are aligned and the nadis and meridans are strengthened. This is a good stone for female troubles, and is of considerable aid during the birthi0g process.

OBSIDIAN is another good emotional balancer with a more aggressive (masculine) accentuation. The emotional body is aligned with the mental body and the nadis and meridians are straightened. This promotes healing in the area of the stomach, intestines and general musculature.

ONYX stimulates the base, solar plexus and throat chakras causing the balancing of receptive and aggressive qualities. Also, it aids in strengthening the heart, kidneys, nerve and skin tissue.

OPAL aids in bonding the crown and solar plexus chakras, giving a spiritual quality to the emotions. This helps in strengthening the abdomen, pituitary, thymus, with a mild effect upon the pineal gland. It also balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

PEARL, though of animal origin, is another gemstone which helps to balance and spiritualize the emotions. This is because the pearl has a strong connection with the moon and its cycles by virtue of the creature that produced it. With pearl there is an influence upon the stomach, spleen and intestinal tract, along with the vertebrae associated with these organs. Adrenals are also strengthened.

PERIDOT completely aligns all the subtle bodies. This helps one receive information from the higher self more easily. Good stone for channeling.

PYRITE helps to strengthen the astral body and is a digestive aid for the abdomen and upper intestinal tract. It is best worn by the throat chakra.

QUARTZ -AMETHYST stimulates the brow and heart chakras. It is an excellent thought amplifier and increases intuition and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are bonded to work together as a unit. It also stimulates all the meridians and accupressure points and can be warn anywhere on the body.

QUARTZ-CITRINE helps to activate the base, heart and throat chakras. It also increases the alignment between the astral, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This can increase contact with the higher self. Citrine can be used with meditation to rejuvenate the physical body as all the meridians and nadis are strengthened.

QUARTZ-RUTILATED has the effect of stimulating all the chakras, meridians and nadis in a balanced manner. It stimulates tissue regeneration in the physical body , for this reason it is excellent as a thought amplifier, broadcaster and storer.

QUARTZ-SMOKEY aids in the alignment if the root, spleen and solar plexus chakras. It is also an aid in the release of the kundalini energy. The nadis and meridians are aligned. The emotional, mental and astral bodies are aligned also. Smokey quartz is excellent for the storage of information and the drawing of energy to the physical body.

QUARTZ-ROSE has a strong connection with the heart chakra. It also stimulates the throat chakra. It helps restore balance in the emotions. As a thought amplifier, rose quartz helps one to increase personal expression and creativity. Physically, rose quartz influences the circulatory system and the red corpuscles, it also stimulates unconditional love within the individual.

QUARTZ-WHITE/CLEAR is a strong thought amplifier. Its clarity suggests its transparent function in storing and broadcasting information. Whereas other minerals have a specific color associated with them which predisposes them to shape or filter the thought forms projected into them, clear quartz only focuses and amplifies adding no "coloration" of its own. Clear quartz stimulates the solar plexus, brow, and crown chakras. It is good for any abdominal complaints because it has a calming effect upon the emotions.

RUBY is intimately connected with the heart center. It stabilizes the heart chakra and the heart meridian, the heart chakra nadis, and the thymus gland are energized. Ruby also stimulates the quality of unconditional love and all the qualities of the heart chakra, i.e. courage, compassion, balance understanding, acceptance, and the ability to internalize one's experiences.

SODALITE is good for balancing the aggressive and receptive qualities within self. It also helps to strengthen the meridians, which physically strengthens the lymphatic system. It promotes emotional balance for the purpose of spiritual growth.

TOPAZ opens the brow and solar plexus chakras. The etheric body is stimulated and more closely bonded with the physical body. Thus, the sympathetic nervous system is also stimulated. Topaz also aids in stabilizing the emotions, and helps to slow or possibly reverse the aging process when the stone is meditated upon.

TOURMALINE comes in a variety of colors. Each different color focuses upon or corresponds to one of the seven main chakras. Each one of the tourmalines stimulated the biomagnetic electrical and crystalline properties in the body. The electrical effect stimulates communication between the subtle bodies. Each of the tourmalines can be placed along the spine or the neurological point connected to the main organ that the associated chakra stimulates.

TURQUOISE is another master healer. All the chakras, meridians and nadis are strengthened and aligned as are the subtle bodies. Hence, turquoise strengthens the entire anatomy and is healing for all diseases. Furthermore, it stimulates nutrient absorption and tissue regeneration.





The Chakra System
<p>Chakra is a word that comes from the Sanskrit and its meaning is 'wheel', and if you could see the chakras they would manifest themselves as a whirling wheel in the physical body. Some people can see chakras and they do describe the chakras as such, turning wheels of energy. In these wheels the various levels of consciousness cross or meet each other. With the meaning "wheel" in mind you could compare these energy centres as a set of cogwheels that make sure that the whole is in working order. When one of these cogwheels drags or if it is broken, the whole will not operate as intended, and to 'repair' the cogwheel colour therapy can be used.
The psychologist C. G. Jung called the chakras the portals to consciousness, and this is an excellent way to describe these centres of energy in the body, especially if you know how they work. By rotating energy is attracted, and given off, and you can compare the chakras to receiving stations or transformators, that take up the prana, the live energy, and divide it up in the body. On a physical level chakras correspond with the endocrine glands and nerve knots. You could also call the chakras the organs of the energetic body. Every chakra has its own connection, association and meaning. Balancing the chakras leads to good health.
When a chakra doesn't function by not taking up enough energy, or by taking up too much energy, a disharmony in the chakra system will come into existence, which can eventually lead to illness. Often the illness is manifested in the area or an organ in the body at the spot where the chakra that isn't functioning correctly is located.
The main chakras are located along the middle of the spinal cord and the vertical column that you see when all chakra's are aligned is called sushumna, the energy travelling upwards is called ida and the energy travelling downwards is called pingala. These two energy streams twist around the sushumna that functions as a central axis.
You can see this as the two snakes that are entwined around the staff of the healer, the symbol of the healer, the cadeceus, therefore can be seen as the symbol of life energy.
You can compare these energy centres as a set of cogwheels that make sure that the whole is in working order.
When one of these cogwheels drags or if it is broken, the whole will not operate as intended, and to 'repair' the cogwheel various therapies can be used.
The chakras correspond with colours, tones and other processes. The seven main chakras correspond with the seven colours of the rainbow and the electromagnetic spectre.
Blockages in the chakras can be healed by exposing them to the energy waves of:
<li> Bach Flower Remedies</li>
<li> Colours</li>
<li> Meditation</li>
<li> Gemstones</li>
<li> Scented Oils (Aroma therapy)</li>
<li> Sounds</li>
<p>But how do you know where a blockage is in your chakra system? If you are ill at the moment, it is obvious there is a blockage somewhere.
You can track these blockages by using a pendulum for example. Take the pendulum in your hand and put your other hand on the root chakra. Connect to your higher self and look at the motion that the pendulum makes.
Do the same for all chakras and if there is a change in motions you make a note of it. If your pendulum hardly moves at all, the chakra does not take up much energy or no energy at all, and if it moves in large uncontrolled motions the chakra probably takes up too much energy.

You can solve the disharmony in the chakras by the laying on of stones. As soon as frequencies higher and more pure than the level of the chakra at that moment, the chakra will start to vibrate faster and the slower frequencies of the blockages will slowly be dissolved. The prana streaming in, will charge the etherical body and the etherical body on its turn gives off the energy to the physical body. The prana also streams into the emotional and mental bodies and because of this any blockages there will also be dissolved, because the vibrations there are slower than the energy streaming in. Eventually the life energy is flowing through all nadis (the etherical veins that distribute the prana in the body), of the energy system and body, mind and soul are vibrating to a higher frequency and health and joy will be increased.
During this process of purification of the chakras and the energy system you may feel uneasy, irritated and/or tired. The same experiences that caused the blockages in the first place, your fears, pain or anger, can come to surface during this process, just like the physical ailments just before they are purified away entirely. As soon as the energy ways are cleared, you will feel better, happier and more clear.



Chakra Table


The body is built up out of seven major chakras and a few secondary chakras. The major chakras and their corresponding colours are:

Chakra - Colour

7. Crown Chakra - Purple

6. Brow Chakra - Indigo

5. Throat Chakra - Blue

4. Heart Chakra - Green

3. Solar Plexus - Yellow

2. Sexual Chakra - Orange

1. Root Chakra - Red

The Seven Main Chakras

<p>The main chakras have been depicted as lotus flowers for centuries, and each of the chakras resonates with another frequency in the body and corresponds with a unique colour that is visible in the prism or rainbow. Although the seven main chakras are not physically visible in the body for most of us, they are undisputedly connected to our lives and our endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of a series of glands that take care of the production of hormones in our body. A disharmony in one of these glands will cause major health problems. The impact that an illness of one of these endocrine glands has on your life and health is unfortunately still underestimated by many.


The First Chakra - Root

The Root chakra is called Muladhara in Sanskrit. The meaning of Muladhara is 'root' or 'support'. The Root chakra is depicted as a four leafed lotus with a square in its centre in which a triangle facing downward is depicted.
This chakra is situated at the end of the spinal cord at the tail-bone in the back and the pubic bone in the front. The first chakra corresponds with the glandulae suprarenales. (Sorry for the Latin term, my dictionary lacks medical terms in English) The Root chakra is associated with survival and safety. All that you have achieved in the material world is derived from the energy of the first chakra. The life lesson this chakra teaches us is standing up for oneself.
When this chakra is blocked you may feel frightened, paranoid, insecure and frustrated. Physical problems that coincide with a blockage in this chakra are: obesity, anorexia nervosa, sore knees, arthritis, hip problems, problems of the lower back, the glandulae suprarenales, the spinal cord and the reproductive organs.


The Second Chakra - Sacral

The Sacral chakra is also called the Belly chakra or Sex chakra, its original Sanskrit name is Svadisthana. The meaning of Svadisthana is 'sweetness' or 'amiable'. The Sacral chakra is depicted as a six leafed lotus containing a white circle that in turn contains a pale blue moon crescent and within the crescent a crocodile with fish tail (the makara) is found.
This chakra is situated in the lower belly, between the navel and the sex organs. The second chakra corresponds with the ovaries in the female and the testicles in the male in the endocrine system. Although opinions vary with reference to the male sex organs and the second chakra, it is usually accepted that the male sex organs are also connected to the Sacral chakra. Others say that the male sex organs are situated in the Root chakra. The Sacral chakra is connected to sexuality and emotions. It is the centre where your taste for certain things are developed, as well as self development and creative expression. The life lesson this chakra has to teach us is how to reveal motives.
When this chakra is blocked you may feel manipulated, lack concentration and be oversensitive. Also an exaggerated sexual impulse or the opposite, no sexual impulses are problems that come from a blockage in this chakra. Physical problems that are connected to a blockage in this chakra are: kidney failure, bladder and large intestine problems, but also frigidity, nymphomania and diseases of the uterus, ovaries, prostate and testicles. Also food allergies and intolerances are related to this chakra.


The Third Chakra - Navel

The Navel chakra is also called the Solar Plexus, its original Sanskrit name is Manipura. Manipura means 'sparkling jewel'. The Navel chakra is depicted as a ten leafed lotus flower enclosing an inverted triangle with on all three sides a swastika, the swastika is the Hindu symbol for the fire element. Sometimes the Hindu God of the Fire, Agni, is also integrated into the picture, as his avatar the Ram.
This chakra is situated between the twelfth breast vertebra and the first lumbar vertebra, near the belly button. The third chakra is connected to the pancreas in the endocrine system. The Solar Plexus is the seat of the personality, the ego, and the will power, this chakra controls our contacts, relationships and emotional relations, but also astral travel and spiritual growth. The life lesson this chakra has to offer is that it is worthwhile taking risks and gives one self confidence and self respect.
If this chakra is blocked you may feel insecure, but also depressed and worry about other people's opinions. Physical problems that are connected to a blockage in this chakra are: digestion problems, diabetes, food allergies, gall bladder problems, but also insomnia and irritability are connected to a blocked Solar Plexus.


The Fourth Chakra - Heart

The Heart chakra is called Anahata in Sanskrit. The literal translation of Anahata is 'unbeaten' or 'sound made without two items slammed together'. The Heart chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with twelve leaves that contain a six pointed star (Salomon's seal). The six pointed star consists of two triangles and symbolises the balance between body and mind.
This chakra is situated behind the breast bone on the front of the body and between the shoulder blades on the back of the body. The fourth chakra is connected to the thymus gland in the endocrine system. The Heart chakra stands for love and its life lesson is forgiveness and compassion towards others as well as towards oneself.
When this chakra is blocked you may be afraid to get hurt, feel sorry of yourself or deem yourself unworthy to receive love. Physical problems connected to a blockage in this chakra are: heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia and respiratory problems.


The Fifth Chakra - Throat

The original Sanskrit name for the Throat chakra is Visshuda. Visshuda means 'purification' or 'cleansing'. The Throat chakra is depicted as a sixteen leafed lotus flower containing an inverted triangle that represents speech and in turn contains a full moon.
This chakra is situated between the third and fifth neck vertebra and opens towards the throat. The fifth chakra corresponds with the thyroid and parathyroids in the endocrine system. The Throat chakra is the centre of communication, speech, but also hearing and listening are controlled by this centre. The life lesson thought by this chakra is self expression and the power of choice.
If this chakra is blocked you may feel insecure, but also weak and not able to word your emotions. Physical problems related to this chakra are: thyroid disorders, sore throats, back aches, ear infections, cold hands and feet, chronic diseases and auto immune disorders.


The Sixth Chakra - Third Eye

The sixth chakra is called the Third Eye chakra and its original Sanskrit name is Ajna. The meaning of Ajna is 'perception', but also 'become aware of' and 'control'. The Third Eye chakra is depicted as a two leafed lotus flower. The two leaves are placed next to the heart of the flower, like wings. In the heart of the flower an inverted triangle can be found and a crescent moon placed over it.
This chakra is situated in the middle of the forehead, right over the bridge of the nose, between the physical eyes. The sixth chakra is connected to the pituitary gland in the endocrine system. The Third Eye chakra is associated with psychism, clairvoyance, the power of thought, imagination, seeing on all levels and intuition. The life lesson this chakra has to teach us is emotional intelligence.
When this chakra is blocked you may react cool to everything or just the opposite, be very aggressive and assertive in your ways. Also egotism is connected to a blockage in the Third Eye chakra and fear of success is one of the signs of a disharmony in this chakra. Physical problems related to a blockage in this chakra are: headaches, blood circulation disorders in the brain, problems with the eyes and nose and blindness.


The Seventh Chakra - Crown

The seventh chakra is called the Crown chakra and the original Sanskrit name is Sahasrara. The translation of Sahasrara is 'thousand-fold'. The Crown chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with a thousand white leaves, the symbol of infinity and tuned into the highest form of consciousness and the divine.
This chakra is located on the crown of the head and spreads out upwards in a cone like way. The seventh chakra is connected to the pineal gland in the endocrine system. The Crown chakra is our connection to the Universe, just like the Root chakra is our connection to Mother Earth. It is also the centre where we connect to the Divine. The life lesson of this chakra is unselfishness.
If this chakra is blocked you may feel frustrated and have destructive thoughts. Also a lack of joy originates in the Crown chakra. Physical problems connected to a blockage in this chakra are: migraine, problems with the central nervous system, memory problems and epilepsy.







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