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Sacred Armor Kavacha


KAVACHA is a SACRED ARMOR . A yantra or an amulet can act as a kavacha if it is energized properly through mantras. If you pray regularly with faith,your prayer becomes your kavacha. A Kavacha is made of matal. Silver or copper. Inside each kavach is a special paper where a specific prayer or spell is written.  This allows you to “wear your prayer” of protection. Kavacha means armor and represents a protective shield which safeguards your well being. The kavach is a copper locket or amulet with spell inside. The  kavach is then blessed and sanctified. You wear the kavach around your neck using a gold or silver chain or string. A kavach can be worn all the times for maximum effect.




Pentagram Kavacha For Protection From All Evil

Pentagram Kavacha For Protection

Powerful of all kavachs, expresses the mind's domination over the elements of nature and it is by this sign that we bind the demons of the air, the spirits of fire, the sceptre of the water and the ghosts of the earth. It is the star of the MAGIC, the burning star of GNOSTIC, the sign of the intellectual, omnipotence and autocracy. The person having this kavacha can never be dominated by anybody. eradicates all ill-effects of Black magic, Evil spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits. It cures one of evil effects of past attacks and protects one from all future attacks. This not only protects you from all the known symptoms but all unknown symptoms that you don't even know of. The richest people and ministers and people in power will bow down to you, there will be nothing that cannot be achieved by the possessing of this kavach, he or she just has to wish for something and get it.

Price : US$ 35

Maharishi Kavacha For Wealth Protection

Sacred Kavach For Wealth Protection

In the orient it has been said of this kavach that it is the great giver of wealth, fortune, and good graces. It destroys all dangers and difficulties, eradicates all sorts of poisons and bestows VICTORY at every junction of life. This kavach is blessed with so much extraordinary energy and power that it can guard and protect an individual against the strongest supernatural forces, negative powers and reverse, nullify or break any kind of evil magic spell. Highly Recommended.

Price : US$ 35



St. Lawrence Kavacha For Mental Peace

kavacha for peace protection

Upset? Disturbed? Troubled? Baffled? hold this kavach in your hand and calm down mystically. Take it easy, if you are placed in mind you are likely to be healthy in body. Allow the St.Lawrence kavach to lead you into the peaceful place of soul, where you can bathe out your long lasting past, present, and future problems. It's protection is life-long, and lasts for as long as it is worn. The moment this kavach is worn, the negative effects start receding and it's protection starts, freeing the wearer from all evil influences which can ruin & destroy one's present and future life..

Price : US$ 35






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