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Gemstones have been around for thousands of years and generation after generation have been using gemstones to heal the sick. Gemstones come in many shapes and the sizes and each one of them give off a different energy or power that can be drawn into a magical healing ring for your special need or purpose. The way these gemstone rings give you the magical power is called gemstone therapies. Gemstones have magnetic powers that are beneficial for drawing powers to the owner of the gem or ring for healing purposes. The purpose or need to wear a magical gemstone ring can be as different as the magical gemtone that is put into the ring. Each special need or purpose has a special gem to help with it. These specially made gemstone rings are designed with your special need in mind. After receiving your magical ring, please wear it at all times. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the magical benefits the healing ring will transfer to you.

Discover the healing power of gemstones that is now brought to you by me in form of a PANCHRATNA GEMSTONE HEALING RING. Use these gemstones for true changes to your life using gemstone therapies. For me, gemstone therapies have energized my devotees, healed their illness, helped them break bad habits and changed their life, and brought in fortunes for them. This is true energy medicine for health, wealth and wisdom.

I am today bringing you an absolutely new concept of treatment known as HEALING BY GEMSTONES. Besides healing ailments, this ring also brings GOOD LUCK.
In this I use the therapy in which you need not go in for expensive, time serving and short lasting medication and surgeries that leaves behind threatening and deadening side effects on your entire system, given below are the cures that you can get with this Panchratana gemstone ring. The following lines will give you an absolute idea as to how the gemstones work on human body, system and planetary positioning of your LUCKY STARS. Now besides, they being planetary star gemstones, I also duly energize each of the gems on receipt of valued order by Vedic Mantras to enhance the power to 1000 times its original potential, by the following process and in vocational procedures.

The five powerful healing stones used in this magical ring are Pearl, Ruby, Turquoise, Coral and Emarald. The gemstones are then washed with a special liquid, giving the gems used in your magic ring further healing powers. Besides in the preparation of this PANCHRATNA (5 gemstone ) , to make it most powerful to show results in every field of life and healing all sort of ailments. The PANCH YANTRAS (5 Talismans) have been invoked using all PANCH MANTRAS (5 type of prayers and japas) by reciting the same 555 times on each and every pendant individually.

This is done by (Japas) recitation of holy scriptures, and by purifying the gemstone to release all negative vibrations and ill effects including adverse magnetic fields , before use, prior to the mentioned supernatural invocations on the gemstone are done, it is buried in natural salt (not iodized) in an earthen wear pot for 33 hours, then removed from salt and rinsed with pure sugarcane vinegar before it is washed with cold water that has been duly prepared by impregnating 24 carat gold in it by boiling the water to boiling point with a slab of 24 karat gold inside a specially prepared PANCH DHATU (5 METAL) pot kept on fire for 33 minutes.

It is then held in my hand (left for a woman and right for a man) and charged with my supernatural physical and spiritual powers and energies through meditation, I visualize your face and needs that are mentioned by you to me while placing your order. This the method by which the gemstone ring is prepared for you so that you have the full faith that the stone's powers combined with Vedic tantras and mantras and the power of gold water and the influence of the Panch Dhatu Metal Pot will definitely help accomplish your goal, as well as get rid of your ailments, as the un-favorable and obstructive elements are removed from the gemstones.

This PANCHRATNA GEMSTONE HEALING RING is embedded with the following 5 gemstones, and a list of ailments that can be fought by each gem. This is not my own logic but is stated in the ancient Indian Sanskrit manuscript known as "Ratna-Pariksha" that is the authoritative Indian text on the science of gemstones.

The whole assemblage, making the PANCHRATNA GEMSTONE HEALING RING, is known as "Panch-Ratan-Pariksha". It is believed to provide a total rounded protection to the wearer.

Following are the 5 gemstones that have now been corroborated by me in just one place in form of a PANCHRATNA GEMSTONE HEALING RING , that can now fight so many ailments and diseases, a many of which may been un-known to you, and may be developing within you undetected and the use of this healing ring may save you from the same.

The magical Panch Ratna gemstone ring is a healing ring. It uses different types of gemtones for different types of illnesses or situations. The Magical Panch can not only heal illnesses but also help to break bad habits. This magic ring draws its energy from gemstone and this is transferred over to you as gemstone therapies. You will see a vast difference in your health after wearing this magical Panch Ratna ring. Contact me today with your healing requirements. Each ring is made specially for each individual person or situation.

An astronomical revolution in your health, wealth and wisdom


Gemstones And Their Healing Properties

The word in bracket is the Indian name for the gemstone




Natural Pearl is used to cure addictions, adrenal glands, allergies, anger, ankles, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, aura clearing, healing, bad habits, bladder, blisters, blood cleanser, cleanse bodily fluids and bones.




The Gemstone Ruby is used to cure bronchial conditions, calming, canker sores, chakra alignment, circulation, colds, composure, cooling, cough, cramps, cravings, depression, digestion, dizziness, elimination,
emphysema , endocrine system, energy, exhaustion, eyes, fatigue and fear.




The Gemstone Turquoise is used to cure low energy, lungs, metabolism (regulation), muscle soreness, negativity, nervous system, emotional pain, physical, pancreas, rashes, rejuvenation, self-esteem, skeletal structure, skin and spiritual uplifting




The Gemstone Coral is good for feet, fertility, fever, flu, fluid retention, gallstones, growths, hair loss, hands, happiness, headaches, hearing, heart, herpes, hormone imbalance, immune system, infections, inflammation, insomnia, intestinal, joints, leg cramps and liver disorders.



The Gemstone Emerald is used to cure skin disorders, spleen, stamina, strength, stress, swelling, teeth, tension, throat, thymus, thyroid, tiredness, tissues, toothache, toxin release, tumors, ulcers, veins, weight imbalance,
worry and wrinkles.

Above is the list of ailments that can be fought and or cured by the help of the PANCHRATNA HEALING RING. Do not allow anyone to touch your ring, as there is apossibility that the negative energies from the other person may enter your energized gemstones.





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