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1- Provide free advice on hearing from you as to which article and what should you use to get success, if you cant make a decision yourself.

2- Prayer meetings held on monthly basis and prayers offered for you and your family for a nominal life time fee of US$100.

3- Free advice given on the use of any particular gem needed by you.

4- Free spiritual advice given on any health problem.

5- Free spiritual advice given on the selection of your match.

6- A weeks pool number provided free with every order, on demand.


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My specialties are listed below:

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Talismans for well being of home and family. Magic talismans, mystical magic talisman, magic spells and talismans, mystical talismans, Indian talisman, Egyptian talismans, Mystic, Talismans, Magic, Talismans, Magical, Mystical, Magickal potions.

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Please email for any questions or specific requirements here







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